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Making Palms (and peeking at your paper for the answers)

Well I guess for now my grade is an I for incomplete.

If you can recall, I was doing Party Dolly's Palm Tree Tutorial.  Okay so here we go with my RE-torial (yes, I make up words)

Here is what I started with. Some big fake leaves, scissors, tape and wooden dowels (and my lazy model).

 Then I snipped them like so.
Then instead of hot gluing them to the dowels, I taped the little mini stem to the dowel. Now I can shift the leaves around so they can look at bit more natural. I then wrapped the dowel in blue tape.

But the blue tape didn't have the adhesion I wanted so I switched to papier mache, which I am a big fan of. Really it's the same thing. Paper + glue.
 So here are the supplies for the next leg of this project. Multicolored paints, elmer's glue plus water and strips of construction paper. I used a ruler to hold down the paper while I ripped it so I would get fairly even strips. Then I could create that criss crossing Party Dolly talked about. But that didn't actually work out....
 One coat of papier mache:
Second coat of papier mache. It's so funny, the artist in the picture in that newspaper was waiting tables in the restaurant/lounge where the Hubs was DJing the day before I took this picture. Small town, Atlanta is.

Anyway I did some criss crossing but it didn't turn out as obvious as I would have liked.

 Okay so after that was dry, I painted the stems with a dull brown.  Then I tried my hand at dry brushing. After some palm tree research I decided not to do criss cross, but horizontal stripes like on some palms.  Um, hmm. Yeah that just didn't look right either.

But I was pleased with the look. Really close up you can make out all the green and yellow I put in. Looks like the bark of some OTHER kinda tree. But from afar, looks like dull brown sticks.

So I'm sort of at an impass. I tried painting with sticks like Party Doll but man, that looked terrible. Maybe I dry brushed with the wrong brush? I used the one that looks like a fan.

Anyway I'm thinking of using something else to help me with the pattern. Here are the suggestions from me and the Hubs. Please vote:

1. wrap in doll rubber bands at small intervals and paint over with a lighter gray brown. Maybe dry-sponging or similar.
2. wrap a wide piece of foam core in fishnet (so that the X's are stretched wide), sponge with dark brown paint and stamp tree with it.
3. use a piece of burlap as a stamp instead.
4. none of the above.

I'm going for the fishnet. We'll see how that goes....


  1. I love the way it came out. I'm going to try it too! Thanks for posting!

  2. Looks good to me. If I had to choose, and I'm not crafty, I'd go for the rubberband thing since there are lines in palm trees. Like I said looks good to me

  3. Thanks ladies. I'll start with the rubber band thing. It will be easier to add criss-cross later if I need it. Okay I'll work on that!

  4. Looks pretty sweet to me-- but I realize a perfectionist's work is never done, lol! I'd vote for the rubber bands too. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out!

  5. Oh believe me, up close it is not cute! We'll see how it turns out this weekend...Thanks though!


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