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The New Assignment-Revamp a Doll Vehicle

Well, blogger is down, so this gives me a bit of time to think about the next assignment.  I was feeling a bit torn. I have some things I need to accomplish outside of Dolly U. Like customizing some doll house stuff I bought to be used for one sixth scale. Cutting legs shorter on the dining room table I got to have it resemble a coffee table, making more houseplants out of the greenery I bought.  Some rebodying, general cleaning and organizing, creating the backs for my doll apartments.  

So I’m going to take on a big project. Revamping that Barbie airplane. I’m giving myself two months. Yeah it's a long time but it's no small feat and the airplane hasn't even arrived yet.  But this project will be really involved, so I’m going to do several little projects in between.

I bought that Harley Davidson couple with the idea of giving the guy body to one of my impatient doll heads. But it doesn’t look right for anyone. I really wanted it for my Edward Cullen Ken but he’s too dang pale for any body I have.  So that body might actually go to June my tranny. But currently June is hairless as I’m preparing him for my first ever reroot. 

Anyway, I’m going to spend a while cleaning house first. 

But anyway if you want to join me, the project is Customizing a Doll Vehicle. I’m not using any tutorial but Kimono’s Townhouse Facebook Page  has helpful tips.

For my airplane, I’m inspired by the 60’s Airline culture so I’ve been researching that a bit. I’m also inspired by futuristic ideas. I can see us having an “iLife” future where everything is white and sleek and shiny like an iPod.  Where your light switch is like the touch wheel, etc.  I want everything white and silver and tangerine. Side note: Why is everything in the future either white and clean or gritty and sepia toned? According to movies that is.

Check out Aircraft Interiors International Magazine. Yeah, they have a magazine for that. Inspiring stuff.

I remember a while back I heard that Mariah Carey had wanted a really glossy glam hallway she painted it gold, but then she wanted more so she made her underlings go over it with clear gloss. Layer after layer until it positively glowed. I'm thinking of doing that for the interior.

But rest assured, there will be loads of other tasks I have for myself in between.

Oh, oh, I came up with a name for my airline. Pan Em. haha. It's a Hunger Games joke. Just go read the books. The will come out with Hunger Games dolls I'm sure. It's going to be huge. Who here is obsessed with Hunger Games?

This is such a sad, pictureless blog entry. Sorry guys.



  1. Sounds like an ambitious project---and I'm sure you'll make a good job of it! I've got a few cars on hand that need time in the "body shop" lol but no space at the moment to do them (My 1:6 garage/car collection is mostly packed up until I move and get re-homed) but I'm very interested in what you end up doing. Be sure to take before, after and during photos!


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