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The Airplane and Other Big Projects

The Site: 

Poor Vita Plastica, the website. It gets no love. Blogs are so immediate and changeable. But for that reason, I wanted to post more of the Dolly University assignments so if you're interested, you don't have to check some buried post.  While I was there, I reorganized some things, made a banner to go up. Looking pretty sweet so far. One of these days I really need to buy the domain name. I really hadn't had a reason until now. More on that later. But for now, go check out okay?

Pan Em Air
I really don't know if I can be done with this airplane by my due date (July 13th) but I did a fair amount of work on it this weekend. I have never done this before and I hope it won't come back to haunt me, but I took it all apart. I will get a better paint job this way I think. Of course, I have to be sure not to add too many layers of paint or it will never come back together.

Lemme just tell you, GooGone is my new bestie. Now everything is de-stickered, washed, dried and ready for spray paint. I couldn't take the cock pit apart. I was so stressed over it.

But I managed to get the controls out, which is really what I wanted to do. The screen is so detailed I didn't want to lose that sticker.

It was super humid and gross out so I didn't do any painting yet.


So my husband was at work and I am usually stuck in bed with my baby who refuses to sleep alone at night. I usually bring my laptop and do some doll studying but I've decided to start bringing quiet projects in there. Can't wait to start re-rooting. That will be a perfect time.

Anyway so I wanted to make some cutesy storage boxes. I used the shoebox printie from Jim's Printable Minis

But uh, when I made my stencil and traced it, well I guess my tracing job sucked because they are sad little boxes with covers and bottoms in wonky sizes. Still they are cute. Maybe I'll try again with stiffer paper.

Hey do you  know that cell phone commercial where they try to make a celebrity couple, "Sparah"?
Whatever, just check it out.

Do you see the bob on that PR lady? I'm obsessed with it. I want one of my girls to have a chic New  York type bob. But I know from previous experience that bob are not easy to pull off.

I was going to give Aoki a partial re-root anyway. She was a ponytailed doll and only partially rooted so she will be my victim. See, if I can make her whole head the length of her bang, we're in business...

Speaking of bangs, I discovered the my Coney Island Poppy has some bangs that just make me angry. First of all, they are totally puffy and will never sit down properly. But then, studying them closer, they are thatched! What the hell? Why? So the hairline includes long strips that go back and short ones that go front. Why would they do this? What purpose does this serve? So I'm going to see if I can figure out how to make some improvements there. She might be a re-root candidate.

Okay the other big project announcement will have to wait. I don't want to bury it at the bottom of another post. But let's just say that I will need to work on my photography skills. VERY SERIOUSLY. So expect to see lots of practice shots of dolls in the future. But if you go to my website, you'll see a clue.

Looks like my Dolly U Photography chapter is starting sooner than I expected!

Any help would be really appreciated!



  1. I don't think I'm a good photographer, I struggle with lighting indoors a lot, but if you like to take outdoor pics... I wrote down some of my thoughts and a few tips on forced perspective:
    Some thoughts on perspective
    A very windy problem

    Oh, and telling stories is fun! :D

  2. Thank you Amithi! I will check out your links.

  3. I was actually thinking about something related earlier ... isn't her hair that way to hide the bald spot??? Doesn't it have to be done pretty much that way?

  4. The thatching you mean? I wish Poppy was still sitting with me (off to get a reroot) I would take a picture. They actually took part of the hair that would serve as the comb-over and cut it to join the bangs. Just seemed useless. Using less hair to cover a bald spot.


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