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2.5 Sweet Hours of Freedom

My husband's friend was having a barbecue this weekend. There are few things in this world that I dread more than social situations. So I was delighted when my husband told me that I could avoid it and he would take both the kids to make an appearance. Sweet bountiful freedom!!!

I was so psyched to get some doll work done, but what? I had to manage that time well. Two and a half hours moves quickly when you're working on doll things. So I started at nap time, sorting my "to be filed" bits of clothes and shoes that I never put in their proper home after using them.

I spray painted that washer/dryer set I got recently as well as a bar I just received in an exchange.  I moved Dani's house down from the unreachable location where I had moved it. Clearing out space in the doll room is as dangerous as a big purse. You just KNOW you're going to fill it with stuff.  Anyway, Dani is the next doll (after Ms. Fear) to get attention, so I need her house close by.

Then I broke out my three kitchens and filled them with food and dishes. All glued down with Elmer's Glue.

Josephine's Kitchen (sorry, totally blurry). The chipped table actually belongs to the gypsies and I'm not sure if Josephine will actually have an eat-in kitchen. Just trying it on for size...It's funny how much you learn about a person when you put stuff in their kitchen. Josephine collects teapots and exists only on tea, coffee and foods like crumpets, finger sandwiches and cake. Oh and bread. You can't be a Francophile and not have pan. (I just found it funny that she's a Francophile and her gypsy boyfriend is named Franco).

My technicolor kitchen. This apartment was inspired by Blythe and Momoko owners who are not afraid of colorful cartoonish silliness in their doll world:

 Finally fixed that butcher block too.

And here is Dani's kitchen. I love how the washer/dryer came out. I added some small pics from their last vacation and blackened the TV screen with paint markers.

See the walls of Dani's living room there? Ugh. I paid too much attention to "spanish style decor" and too little to "Spanish style architecture."  My attempt at the look of tinted plaster walls turned out looking really messy. What a gross color too.

And since I'm done with my reroot (Has not been styled or thatch parted yet), I thought I'd show you June. He's wearing a muumuu my mother made. But she made it too big for the girls, so instead of letting her throw it out, I took it for June.  The Hubs said he looks like a Branch Davidian. ha!

 "You! Insolent Mortal! Where is my makeover?! I have souls to crush you know."

Ms. Fear is waiting for me to get some acetone and some black hair and some sealer and some better quality paint. She's sort of bald on the sides so she needs some new hair holes. And her hair texture is awful so she might be in line for a reroot. But it takes so long, I'm not sure yet... Or maybe I'll just make that reroot tool and it will go really fast....

BUT (no picture), I used a paint marker to fix the nicks on her Fashion Royalty couch and it looks perfect again. I double-stick taped the cushions down because they're always shifting around.

And for my unnamed coke dealer Momoko I stocked her living room entertainment center with toys she collects, some books and what ancient humans used to call a "VCR".  I'm also working on building her a couch. Yeah, we'll see how that goes...


  1. Great use of your time Dani, the kitchen(s)and laundry room look FABULOUS! You have so many really cool props, and little touches everywhere. Oh, nice job on June's reroot...she's really coming along. Can't wait to see more. :)

  2. I'm impressed with your efficient use of time. Way to go. Funny, I painted my washer and dryer set red yesterday, too. Danielle just remodeled her house and added a laundry room. Love what you did with the laundry room shelf unit. I had to look twice to notice it. Tell your husband we said "thanks".

  3. So both our "Dani"s are remodeling and have new red washer/dryers. haha!

    Thanks guys, it was so great to have a little time to myself! I was hustling to get things done!

  4. Wow you got a lot done in such a short time. Can I borrow you for a couple of weekends?

    Love all the kitchens and laundry.

  5. So June is Transgendered? I have haven't added any LGBTs to Leah's collection yet but I definitly plan to do so.

  6. Also what are your thoughts on Ms. Fear? Tuesday Morning website has her for cheap and I was thinking of getting her.

  7. Yup, June is transgendered. The minute I bought him, he was screaming to get out of his body. Now how is he supposed to fit in lady clothes, I do not know.

    It took me a while to love Ms. Fear. Great (inappropriate for kids) props (I'll buy them from you). I mainly began to find her place in my doll world after I made her someone's mommy.


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