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Fairytale Ending

I believe I mentioned writing a fairytale, right? And that I was building a fairy tale cottage? Yeah I'm scrapping that project for now. It's rapidly turning into a doll house project when it was just supposed to be an easy room box.

And because it's made of wood, it became a wood-working project and with the kids, it's just not doable. I have so many other things to do anyway. I'll still be writing it, but building the cottage and doing the photostory is shelved for now.

Also the Dolly U format is bugging me. As much as I always wanted to customize an airplane, I had no business starting that. I have no space for it and it's only going to be used for like one shot in a photostory. I'm still doing it, but really it's so silly.

In fact, many Dolly U assignments are kind of useless to what I'm currently doing in doll world. So here's what I'm going to do.

I'm going to focus on one doll at a time and fix up her world.

For instance. Miss Fear my treasured, misunderstood villainess.

  • I love her dearly but the blue eyeshadow? Honey, please.
  • Also, her slanty eyes are bordering on racism but she'll have to wait until I figure out how to repaint.
  • BUT they also gave her blue eyes, which is so common in Asia. So she gets a little editing.
  • She also has a new, shiny body, so that will need sanding.
  • Since I reorganized my doll apartment building, she no longer has a back wall (It's an Expedit shelf, open on either side)
  • Since she is my only action figure body girl, she desperately needs some clothes
  • Mama Fear work including an eye fix, a reroot with white hair and a Liv body and a cane. And boundless contempt.
I might have more but for now, that's what Miss Fear needs. Once I'm done with her, I'm done. (I'm hearing your cackling laughter now)

Technically here, this involves 3 Dolly U assignments plus I'm not adding more junk to my doll room.

I'm not sure who will go first but I'm almost finished rerooting June so I might as well go ahead and do her makeup and get her in an outfit. I found the Harley Davidsen body to be pretty prissy so she's getting that bod for the time being.

Okay I better go. I have $60 burning a hole in my pocket and I don't know what to buy today...Etsy has a great dining table set but I'm not sure I need it...hahah. Like that ever stopped us.



  1. It sounds like you're doing the right thing! I usually have to step back and focus when I have a lot of projects on-going. (and with the move/house on the market thing that too it becomes a case of priorities.)

    Miss Fear needs the attention! (and you need to get some babs heads and get started practicing your painting! I'm happy to give you tips...and if you want---I'll post one of my first barbie repaints (if you can call it that) on my blog (she's scary but the best thing about her is her hair!).

  2. I'd love any tips you can offer! I'm going to do some subtle things on June, the tranny. And I do have some barbies just hanging out waiting to come to life. Then at least I can use my cheap acrylics instead of buying all new fancy pants ones.

    Ooh I do have a reroot question. I want to do a mohawk, maybe like this dancer:

    For Merrit, did you use flocking for the shaved portion?

  3. Well feel free to ask me specific questions about the repaints and I'll see what I can do! :) (You can practice with cheap paint, but IMO you won't get the same results as using good quality paints).

    For Merrit I didn't have any flocking that matched, so I just cut the mohair locks very, very fine and applied it.

    Also, if the head is clean shaven (except for the hawk) you can just leave it flesh colored (fill in the pre-punched holes and paint over it if nec.)


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