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Tragedy Strikes Grandville (doll nudity)

Grandville. What do you think? I've been thinking about a name for my town for ages and I didn't like anything. I didn't want to make it too serious or two jokey joke. My mom is obsessed with and an ancestor of mine was named Grandville Philantrope. They had some seriously crazy names back then. Another ancestor is Sephora Severe. Very Potteresque.

Anyway, the name Grandville always tickled me. Sounds like a piano. And I guess the joke that "grand" means big in French and that the folks of Grandville are small.... And Grandville can be French or when pronounced incorrectly, it can also sound like small town America.

I think it's a keeper.


Mistress Ava, local fetish worker and newcomer to Grandville was away at the Cooktop Spa to get her horns removed. She was having a dip in the Bubbling Hot Springs when TRAGEDY STRUCK!

Damn you Ashton Drake!! This incident has really showed me the inferior quality of these Ashton Drake dolls. Handling her disembodied leg, feeling the weight of it showed me how cheaply made she really is. I certainly won't be getting Acheron or the Dracula Wives. I didn't get this from Ashton Drake directly. I wonder if they'll be of any help to me. The most I'll get is another inferior body anyway.

Boo! I was so heartbroken. I checked all my bods sitting around but no one matches her pallor. The best match without losing the big bustline was my gypsy Carmen. You see how she feels about losing her body:

"First she makes my boyfriend a tranny, now this?"

 Here is Simi in her new body (for now):

 Not terrible in pictures, but the difference is fairly obvious in person.  Oh well, I'll keep her in clothes for a while. Maybe she's one of those goth girls who wears really light powder? Maybe she wears a big hat in the sun? I guess blushing up her face might be another upcoming project...


  1. Grandville sounds perfect for your town! I'm sorry to see Mistress Ava had an accident. :( You must have been pissed, I know I would be.

    I've actually decided to shelf my Integrity collection because I won't be able to afford more, it's easier and cheaper to replace a body for my playline girls. :)

    I hope Ashton Drake will replace the body for you. Or, maybe if she's the same pale complexion as DG Jasper, you can still find her online a lot cheaper. In the meantime, she looks really good on her new body.

  2. She actually does look like a color match for Jasper. I'll have to give that some thought. Ava is going be my major lingerie wearer so the stuff needs to really fit. And the jugs don't hurt. Hmmmm. Pale dolls always cause me issues. I'm still looking for a donor for Twilight Edward Ken!

  3. Hmmm...Twilight Edward. Do you think he'd match the Alice and Wonderland Johnny Depp doll? He seems really pale, and he's articulate. If so, this eBay item#390328641717 is priced at $38 and some change but I can't be sure about the head. Or maybe you can get one of those Fashionistas Ken dolls ($10 at Target) and airbrush the body a more pale shade? Hmmm...just a thought. :)

  4. Oh noes Mistress!! My favorite gal :(

    All I can suggest, if she's going to keep that body, is to "blush" and seal her neck and chest with powdered white chalk and let the chalk sort of fade into the normal skin tone of the rest of the body so you don't have to chalk the whole thing. The stark tone difference is what bugs you so if you sort of gradate that then it should be an issue right? Tho you can't really see the skin tone difference in the photos though so maybe you can just leave her be on that body?

  5. That stinks that Mistress Ava had a mishap. I don't think Carmen is too happy. If she's the same tone as Kyori didn't Integrity have the Japan skintone bodies on sale? You can check there maybe that will work

    Grandville sounds like an great town :O)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. (sorry--couldn't bear the typos in my previous comment)

    *poor Carmen!* Is she going to get a body replacement?

    Sucks about the Body damage :( It's obviously time for you to start getting creative with the bodies of the future! *evil grin* Unleash your inner Dr. Frankenstein! Mwhahaha!*

    PS Grandville sounds good. There's one in MI, so you can probably find like publics works signs and stuff online for it (you know, for background stuff) :)

  8. Great ideas folks! I might end up getting Simi another FR Body. Carmen is used so infrequently she might have to body share. Or maybe I'll get a nice action girl bod for her. But using chalk on her is another good opportunity for learning new doll tricks!

    You guys know of Em'lia, right? She changes the shade of bodies all the time. I'd love to try that...

    Oh and thanks Erica for the Grandville tips. I was already daydreaming of a "Welcome to Grandville" sign...

  9. Oh and of course Ashton Drake won't do anything for me but I can't blame them, even if their email was hecka snotty. Pays to buy from the source but I couldn't pass up ebay savings!

  10. Hey Tracy, I just saw that Mad Hatter has the different, older neck joint. Fie! Oh well, I'll keep looking...


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