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I Heart Mistress Ava

So I set up a club scene. Sometimes I have to set up a scene for me to solidify what is happening in my doll lives, even if I don't make it into a photostory.

This scene was supposed to set up how Sooki met Johnny Tan, who is the hottest new resident of Grandville. Skater boy, goes to the local art school. His face is painfully realistic.

 Never thought I'd be a fan of molded hair, but he's got a cool style. PS: I've been meaning to talk to you about Sookie's eyelashes. I can barely get a shot of her, they're so thick and low hanging. I thought I already tried it with her, but I'm going to use boiling water to try to lift them a bit. If not, they're getting yanked.

But, you know you put the kids in a room together and all kinds of stuff starts happening. More on that in a minute.

Yesterday the set of handcuffs I ordered for Mistress Ava arrived, so I couldn't resist a picture of her with them. Bear in mind, this is something like Aragorn's dream sequence because Mistress Ava does not have handcuffs in her purse for Pete's sake. She keeps them in the car of course.

Anyway her beauty is distracting and I just took pic after pic of her. Then set up my DJ lights and did s'more!

I just love her face! She doesn't have a bad angle! But when her time comes, she's getting a new eye color. Brown? And maybe actual red lips. But otherwise she's perfection.

So then a little drama happened. You remember Mistress Ava and Sugar's flirtation?  Hmm, Sugar looks a little jealous here...

Also, as I look over these shots, she looks incredibly bored. This isn't her scene, even if I try to force it. We tried short edgy hair, but it was just a rest stop on her way to getting (dread) locks, so I'll be working on her soon.

This has run a bit long and I remembered that I didn't take a good picture of the other drama going on, so I'll continue that in a few days.

Remember I was supposed to work on Ms. Fear? In my defense, new hair and face paint has not yet arrived, but I did get her a coffee table. This is the one Smidgehouse had and painted to resemble wood. I'm soooo tempted to just paint it black and be done with it. After all, Ms. Fear's couch is black. But attempting simulated wood grain is on my list of assignments (I think). I'm trying not to look at the Smidgehouse blog because I will cry, knowing it's not likely to look like that! Well, gotta try! Can't get better without practice. *she says through her tears*



  1. Wow, I love his head mold. I saw him at for the first time. Great character. I think he'd make a hot item with Sooki. :)

  2. Yes! You can do it. It might not be 100% perfect the first time, but you CAN do it and it'll get better and better as you practice. :D

    Here. Watch this if you ever need a pep talk. XD

  3. I love me some Johnny Tan! I'm still working on finding him a body. He's so tan and his head is only being held on by that sticky gummy stuff that people use to hold up posters.

    Thanks Nat. I feel happy of myself!


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