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Fairly Useless Weekend but Long Post!

Have a seat, this will take a while.

Well, it was not an entirely useless weekend, just full of false starts. I did get two packages on Saturday, one with doll hair in silver, brown and black, a little chalk for blush, bottle of sealant, one of acetone and two common colors to be used in my face-ups, brown and black.

And from etsy, a couch I had been daydreaming about for a couple of weeks. This one belongs to Felix and Dani. All the couch cushions come off! Love it! I also had the creators work on a custom coffee table for me. Great prices and really great to work with. Check out their stuff!

Now I have to decorate Felix and Dani's living room around it. Hell, I'll redo the whole house.

I decided to attempt the dreadlocks that Corset Kitten was kind enough to write a tutorial about.

Yeah, okay so problem #1 that I decided to ignore: I don't have wool roving. But I thought, hey mohair is wool right, so I'm sure it's the same thing. Um, no.

So I'm using the soap and the water, burning off my handprints with the friction and then I realize the minute my locks dry, they're mostly not matting.

Fudge! So the Hubs suggests hair gel, but it's so bad in so many ways and definitely not locking.

Then I decide to try the water and glue mixture I keep around for papier mache. It's okay. Then I decide to add soap to the mix. Soap seems to help aid in keeping my hands from catching fire and the glue does little but keep the hair frozen. And make it terribly stiff:

But they look pretty good so I'm not complaining. I do plan on making more, so I'll definitely get the right materials next time.

You know, you may fail a lot by using the cheap, available or downright WRONG materials, but you learn a lot as well. I still love Crayola paint and wish there was room for it in doll world.

So I also painted Ms. Fear's coffee table white, as my base but it's already chipping from where I put it back together. Le sigh.

Okay and more about using what I have on hand instead of shopping. I really wanted a new bod for Alisha NOW. (By the way did I mention she's named after Alisha from Misfits that British super hero show? If you haven't seen it and you like super heroes and realism, please do.)

This is Alisha. Lovely girl. Worst power ever. If she touches you, you have uncontrollable desire to rape her. Yikes. But you'll see on the show everyone's power has something to do with what they most desire. Great show. But I digress.

Anyway, my Alisha is a SIS and needs a new body. I've been told that Artistic Fashionista matches her perfectly but I want one NOW.

So what do we have in the unused doll bin? Riveting Premier Isha and Monsieur Z Cool it. That might work.

Isha bod (had originally wanted Isha to swap bods with a Dynamite girl but that failed too.)

Monsieur Z bod:
I guess it's not obvious from the pic but both were fails. Boo.

So it's just you and me and loads of black hair, Ms Fear:

However, I think I got saran hair this time, to try something new and it doesn't separate as easily as nylon so my plugs are so many different sizes.  But whatever.  Oooh I used some acetone and got rid of that eyeshadow (and most of one eyebrow.More on that in the coming weeks)

But other good news that I forgot!!!

Miss Fear was created by Hasbro and they did another female doll at the time, Mademoiselle Marie! I saw she was on sale and got her for a steal.  At first I was just thinking Ms. Fear and June just got new clothes, but there is something endearing about Mme. Marie. Maybe Lady Fear will get a new bestie? Or maybe I'll harvest her body for parts. But no more Fear relatives. They are taking over. Well, we're still going to meet Dani's father one day but he's not really a 'Fear' per se.

What else? So I thought I'd take some pics to see if anything is going to come of Mistress Ava and Sugar. Meh. (With the new FR body and Kyori's platforms, this is the height difference!)  Yeah I think it was a friendship or business relationship with some fun flirtation but no romance. Later Sugar ended up in bed with African American Barbie Basics Ken!

One more thing. Penny Strauss. Don't remember her because she's just Sooki's sidekick with no personality of her own?  This is her:

Well, at the club, she got hecka drunk again and went home with morally bankrupt Zeke (by the way, yes his broke down pompadour will be tended to soon):

Penny, why are you drunk every time I see you? Look back there, Sooki doesn't even notice anymore.  I'm going to spend some time with Penny to work out her issues.
Meanwhile, enjoy more Mistress Ava:

Watch out Aragorn, my Acetone is coming for that beard! Hipster goatee anyone?



  1. I hope you find Artsy so Alisha can get her new bod. Nice try on the dreads..maybe on a slow weekend I'll give this a shot.

    I saw those ladies on sale. I'm tempted by Fear & Marie but I may not get them. I'm trying to focus..focus..LOL

  2. I've got Artsy on order, I'm just being impatient! hahah! I still need a solution for poor Chandra who's sitting in a drawer. What's messed up is in some promo photos, they have her on a pivotal body. Why Mattel, why?

  3. A lot of people were thrown off by the promos and IRL product. I picked up the Chandra Zahara ballerina sets just to get the Chandra w/articulated arms. I will check to see if she matches Nadja and let you know :O)


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