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My Goodies!

It was a very successful mail weekend for me. Here are some pics, but first: Okay so year of luxury is coming to a close. The new year will begin October 31st. I wanted it to be called like Year of Thrift or similar, but it's better to have positive associations, so it might be the Year of Making Money or something. Anyway it's all about saving for a house. But what of my doll collecting?

Well, next year will focus on photography, interior decor, doll customization and the like. I WILL resist new dolls. I was talking to my boss about this. She is a cake maker, you know the Ace of Cakes type that makes your cake look like a purse or whatever. To make sure she doesn't have a massive cake accessories binge, she buys herself a gift card. And that is her budget for the month or whatever. I think this is a great idea. So I'll put some money on a gift card and it might be 4 Barbies or one Fashion Royalty but when it's gone, it's gone.

Until then, let us enjoy the binge:

Oooh la la. Voici, Mademoiselle Marie est la! Comes with three outfits plus a nice camel trench coat, bag, scarf, 2 berets, boots, scarf, phone thing with Morse code thingy. 

 Her face mold is nice. Her eyes look friggin' crazy. I mean, can a gal have some eyelashes? Nice lips though. Also, her chest is sort of rubbery. It's weird. I'm pretty sure I'm scrapping her body for parts. I might make her someone's mother later or something.
 June looks rather fetching in her sweater:

 "I have been expecting you."  Seriously, as soon as I laid out Carmen's cards, ending with the King of Swords, here comes the mail carrier with this sworded fellow. His shirt and pants are one piece. I think I'll be cutting that up in the future...
 Anyway they bonded really well. I removed his little red cross scar, his soul patch (and a bit of his lip. oops). Thinking about removing the beard but that might make his obnoxious goatee look weird, which I will be cutting off.
Got my coffee table and leather armchair too. I love the Building Idea folks. They're on vacation, but they'll be back... The leather chair is sturdy heavy and really well made. The coffee table has a beautiful glaze and it's the perfect size. Felix is feeling under the weather. Maybe having some problems adjusting to the new body?
Alisha below has a new body. It's a Swappin' Styles body unfortunately, but you can't really tell where all the seams are thankfully. Hanna is telling her about her friend Remi who is moving to Grandville soon. Or maybe complaining that her bangs are STILL not right. Don't worry Hanna. Me and my buddy Elmer's are on the case.
That's all I have to report. I'm still working on Ms. Fear's reroot, then I have two more right behind it. Advice, don't give your dolls baldies until you're ready to reroot. I have Mrs. Fear and Poppy Parker, and dreadlocks to make (oh, got my wool roving too). It's never ending. But hey, it's Dolly University right? Gotta do my school work!



  1. I was so trying to resist Miss Fear & Mademoiselle Marie but I may have to cave. June has a great new wardrobe to boot. No I must buckle down and resist..but I won't LOL

    Love all the new goodies :O)

  2. I was really prejudiced against Ms. Fear at first but I've grown to love her. You can't beat Tuesday Morning's price on these guys. All the props make it worth it.

  3. You got him! Love that Johnny Depp guys, lol. Your couch and chair are awesome too. I still have my Trichelle on the old Fashionistas body with the whack knees but I will be getting a swappin' style soon for another girl. So, it's good to know the seam isn't all that bad. :)


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