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Dolls: Our Favorite Drug

I'm feeling really weird lately. Like overly giddy and tummy full of butterflies. I'm talking too much. I have endless energy one minute, then I get so sleepy I can't keep my eyes open. I feel like I'm in love. Or I'm on drugs. I have to stop myself sometimes and remember why I'm so excited. It's because doll things are in the mail! Every day, walking home from the bus (I hate driving, and only do it in emergencies), I am full of hope and anxiety.

Fridays are the worst. I'm still in my routine and if I don't get my doll package today I'm sure I won't get it until the following week. Yes I know there's Saturday but I'm usually too preoccupied with dolls and kiddies to stalk the mail carrier. If something arrives, it's a wonderful surprise.

Things have been tough for dolls at home. I have received three items in the mail and they haven't gotten any attention because of certain tiny females who have the nerve to want to like eat and stuff. Selfish!

But I promise, this weekend I'm going to take some pictures of said goodies. Wanna hear what's coming and what's arrived? Okay I went a little nuts but it's the Year of Luxury and I came into a little mula. Responsibility be damned!

Rement Girls in the City I've been dying for this forever. But it's so noisy and a crazy choking hazard so I don't have much of a chance to play with it.

Mademoiselle Marie The character is the enemy of the Miss Fear character but I think in Grandville, they might be besties. But I really bought her for the awesome outfits which did not disappoint. June, my transsexual is very happy.

Barbie Loves Elvis: Lemme just say right now, I do not like Elvis. I can admit the campy value of his later years, the rockabilly fun of his early years and his attractiveness. But I do not care for Elvis at all. Maybe it's because of the quote (that I heard later was not true, but I dunno) "The only thing a black man can do for me is shine my shoes and buy my records." And write your music. Whatever. Maybe it's because this is just part of Americana that I just abhor (like 4th of July, Las Vegas and country music) Anyway got it for a trading buddy of mine because she wants the head. I want the body and hey maybe that outfit will work when separated.

What's still on its way:

Wool Roving! I gave up on my mohair dreadlocks for now. I'm going to follow Corset Kitten's tutorial to the letter so I can get better results.

Skeleton: Ever read Shark Dialogues? Well Pono, the main character, a Hawaiian kahuna (seer) met a bad man. When he was killed, she took a little trophy. His spine, which she turned into a cane. Thought this would be an amazing accessory for Mrs. Fear (my new Susie). I hear this skeleton is perfectly to scale.

Chair and Coffee Table: I love these guys. Svetlana is a pleasure to work with. These are for Dani's home which is getting entirely reworked. When I'm done with Ms. and Mrs. Fear.

Artsy Fashionista- One of my girls is need of her body, so I bought her. Man that outfit is bad. Dear Mattel, please just sell nude pivotal bodies.

And zee piece de resistance! Okay I don't like getting a doll that everyone has. This is what bothers me about Fashion Royalty and what I love about the action figure folks. I want to believe our plastic people are unique and real. Not just fashion model clones of each other. This is another reason to learn to repaint.

Buuuut, I couldn't resist this one. Carmen the gypsy needs a man! I mangled her hair trying to straighten it, I took her man away (June), I took her home away (the caravan, now in storage) and I took her body (her loss is Simi's gain). So I owe her big time. And here he is:

Yeah, everybody and their mama has this doll but it's with good reason. It won't take much to gypsy him up and I'll happily find a home for all his accessories.

Oh wait, oh my god, I totally forgot the best score!
Woohoo! I've been looking for this guy, got hornswaggled by ebay, almost gave up and boom, got him through one of the doll boards and didn't go over $100! Woohoo!!! He is a graffiti artist, friend of Hanna and will be romantically involved with at least two of my gals. I'm so excited. Now if I can only get the Hubs to part with some of his graffiti doll spray cans....

That's all folks. Ah, it was good to talk that out. I feel much more sane now.



  1. Ok, you cleaned up! Great buys...can't wait to see them in photos.


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