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Tour of Your Doll World

I had an idea. Vanessa from Van's Doll Treasures suggested that I do a video of my house move/doll reorganization project.

Okay I'm not a Christian or a housewife but I am a sucker for super conservative Christian stay at home mommy blogs! The ones that bake their own bread and make kefir and home school their kids? Love them!

Here's an example. This is Candy. Poor thing is always disappearing from the blogosphere because she gets really harassed and stalked. Her perfection really pisses people off. Her insane organization and natural cleaning products have changed my household for life.

Anyway if you look on the left frame she encourages the other Christian Homemaker bloggers to do a tour of their homes. I'm come from a tribe of home-lookers. We want to view homes even if we're not looking for a home. We're dreamers. So I love this feature.

So what if we do this? Not our homes but our doll spaces. Would you guys join me?

The house is not definite yet (it is in my heart), but even WHEN everything goes through it won't be for another 2 weeks. I'll do a post then and ask you to do it as well. I think I'll do a Before and an After. I'll show you how I *cough* organize my doll world. Hey look, I said I love to organize. I didn't tell you I had the capacity to STAY organized. Because I don't.

So whaddya think? Will you be joining me? Will you give me permission to put the link on my blog like Candy?


  1. Hahahaha..not gonna happen on my end. I have a loooooonnnnnng way to go before I get a doll space. I hope to get it partly done while I'm at home but NO VIDEO, PICTURES are coming from me other than the mess on my page. Love ya like a play cousin but this mess will not be televised.

    I will watch yours and are you sure this Candy is for real? No disrespect but even the mighty MS had to admit she was getting help :O)

  2. hahah! You are killin' me! Who is the mighty MS? I appreciate your honesty! I did see your doll space the other day. No judgment!

    I think Candy has a moment by moment breakdown of what she does all day. I want so much to believe it!

  3. Martha Stewart is the might MS..LOL. I only mean that in my disorder of non-organization that those who can do this have my utmost respect. I aspire to be at a happy medium of organization. I was following the Fly Lady who had me start with 15 mins and get the time higher everytime to organize and clean your spaces.

    I'm thankful I'm not a hoarder and can let things go. I may post a pic or 2 of my progress. That before and after is a beautiful thing :O)

  4. Dani, darling, I suggested you do it, so those of us who don't get the same thrill from organizing that you do, could perhaps benefit from your joy of doing it. I never said that we would be doing it. Technically, my doll space is not that bad. If I could just figure out how to organize my fabrics in a way that I could still have easy access to them, I would be almost completely organized. My other doll area, my basement, needs to be cleaned and rearranged. My friend had to keep some house stuff down there for the past 7 months or so. They were just retrieved last week, so I can get that space back in order. But if I take time out to organize those 2 spaces so they can be filmed, that will take away from my videos, my furniture, and delay the opening of my food store. Ummmm, not going to happen. Great idea though. I hope you get some takers. That would be really nice to see. Thanks for the shout out!


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