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The Year of...

Okay if you follow this blog, you know I don't make New Year's resolutions, I name my year. I give it a name that will encompass all the goals I have for myself.

This year was the Year of Luxury. I bought many things for me and my dolls but as it turns out, I kept buying dolls which I was not supposed to do...But at least they were mostly Barbie. Man I thought I bought stuff this year but there's so much more I want and need. Always so much more.

The fetish girls need chairs ($65 each from Horsman), Penny needs an older sister to help her through her teen alcoholism (Downtown Darling Jett), everyone needs clothes, and there are several independent doll crafters out there that I want to support, (I'm looking at you Vanessa) but haven't gotten to for one reason or another.

Anyway in 2012, I really need to concentrate on buying a house. A 1:1 house that is. I have to keep my goal in mind even though I'm totally bummed about not being able to buy this or that thing that I stumble upon. I'm going to have to do what my boss does and put myself on an allowance. Get myself a $100 gift card and make it last for months.

Weep! *shaking, rocking, hugging my knees*

But this can be good. I will spend this time taking all sorts of pictures. I will make doll clothes. I will do reroots and repaints. Isobel (daughter #2) is crawling like a mad person and putting everything in her mouth so it is time to get all the little things out of the way.

Instead of loitering all over the boards, I will be posting pictures on all the boards! I will go through my items and start SELLING. I will focus on the work of Dolly University and not buying more crap to customize. Well...not too much stuff anyway.

So the 2012 will be *drumroll* The Year of Prosperity!

I will be making money from my doll accessory sales. Maybe I'll get a new job or a second job. It was going to be Year of Frugality or Year of Savings, but that does not sound fun or positive. This way I can save and spend too since I will be mysteriously rich.

Okay onto some luxuries that arrived yesterday.

First up, Sinatra Barbie. I really just wanted that suit and her body.
There is also the Barbie Basics gal. Meh. Her hair is awful. It feels like she used to be a brunette and bleached the heck out of it. I've had a doll with hair like that and no conditioner in the world could make it better. Also, there's a LOT of it. I mean it is super thick.

ADVICE PLEASE: how can I thin out her hair? Cut off a big chunk in the back? In the middle? Random sporadic cutting? Please help.
And the accessory pack.
Basics will be named Claudia after a character in a novel I wrote. Claudia was based on my high school friend Ricca (much cooler name). Claudia, like Ricca will be a sort of romantic goth type. For those of you unfamiliar, these are the types that love Victorian art and culture, and tend to be more of the vampire lovers. She will be a friend to Mistress Ava and perhaps a coworker. I was thinking of getting rid of my blonde Pop Life girl. Her face really bugs me. Like she's perpetually saying, "Huh?" "What?" "Duh?"

Anyway, Claudia in the suit which she does not like:
In the accessory pack. She only likes the jacket.
Oh and this is a Barbie house that I traded for. Got old crappy Barbie house that you want to trade/sell to me? Not that this is crappy, Angela my trading buddy! I really like it. Iris fell in LOOOVE with it. So it might be the house that lives in Grandeville that the kid is allowed to play with. Well she learned the word for doll house!
But what is up with Claudia? She can't pose worth a damn. Then I realize she's got bendable arms and legs, but not a bendable torso! Sinatra? Off with your head!
"Ah, now I can really move!"
Some fireplace goofiness:
I'm pretty sure you're not allow to do that at the temple, Claudia.
Oooh, this is a nice picture. Good for me. Only took 70,000 pics to get here.
But her eyes seemed a little weird to me. I have that problem with Fashion Royalty girls a lot. Wonky eyes. But she needs liquid liner in her life anyway so here's what she looks like after my application. And yes, it really is liquid liner.
Much more sultry.Okay I'm sorry it's orange, but I'm working on it!

Okay that's it for now my friends.



  1. Love seeing your new goodies. I would DEFINITELY be interested in purchasing some of your accessories! I have similar issues...I've been purchasing more dolls when I should have been buying more play-sets & prop items, sigh.

    Claudia looks smoldering now with her new eyeliner application. I don't know who's in charge over there at Mattel but they always seem to miss the mark. It's like, why wouldn't they give the Barbie Basics the torso body?? They're "Models" keyword being "model" because they "pose." SMDH...anyway, great buys! :)

    The Barbie Glam house would make a cool studio apartment too. Well, keep us posted on items for sale.

  2. Haha! I LOVE your blogs! So much fun! :)

  3. Thanks Cat, I'm glad you commented. Your blog is awesome. I'm going to go camp out there for a while.

    Good to hear Tracy! It will probably be old junk but there may be some treasures lurking in there, you never know.

    I wonder if Mattel has seen an increase in sales with their posable bodies. They get so bent out of shape if you even whisper the word "Barbie" but they don't listen to the community and give us pivotal bodies all the time!

  4. I love your concept of naming your year. I can't believe how quickly this past year went. Feels like yesterday I was shooting the Christmas video at the mall. As for the furniture.... I will be here when you need me (or when you fit me in the budget, lol). Isn't it strange that we waited so long for the articulated bodies, and the first thing you and I did was swap out the bodies? Hmmmm. Great pictures. I guess you will be rerooting her when you get a chance. I can hear it in your blog.

  5. I am very happy you liked the doll house :) Yeah---I totally don't understand why the new basics dolls torso doesn't bend either, but maybe it helps with stabilization of the rest of the body, if that makes sense. That new louboutin (especially with her platinum hair) would make an AWESOME Gwen Stefani OOAK !!!

  6. Nice dollhouse. I have never see this one before. I love your Basic girl. Thanks for info on torso.


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