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Acquisitions 2010

Man, I went through this blog from the announcement of  Year of Luxury to now and the number of acquisitions makes me ill. And to come away feeling like I didn't get much of anything.

So here is the list. I am including gifts here too. I'm not getting into too much detail. This is depressing enough!

Smidgehouse sofa
FR Luggage
Mid Century furniture from Liz Retros
Comic Life software
Vintage Vinyl Gavin
Jonathan Adler Barbie (2)
Jonathan Adler Barbie Couch (2)
FDQ: In Focus
Photography Lights
Digital Camera
Punk Rock Outfits
Barbie Basics Accessory Pack
Dusty (CZ girl)
Mattel Wooden Bed
World Peacekeeper guy
Dragon Body
Man head for Dragon body (haven't even revealed this character!)
Brunette Ken (aka: Douchebag Ken, aka Gypsy Ken, aka June that transsexual)
3 Camels
Small plastic farm, animals
Momoko doll
Coney Island Poppy
Pop Life Dolls (5) They were on sale!
Mr. Z First class
Harley Davidson couple
Mr. Z Fly Girl
Barbie Airplane
Domain name
Artsy Fashionista
Barbie Basics AA Ken
Dynamite Boy Remi
Doll hair, paint, brushes for repaints
Barbie Washer/Dryer
Comme ca du Mao Susie
Barbie house, clothes, obitsu bodies (in trade)
Body for Felix
Coffee Table, plastic
Coffee Table, wood
Wooden Shelf
Dani's couch
Dani's "leather" chair (now it's Josephine's)
Doll house store stuff: plants, shelf, little doodads
Mademoiselle Marie
Jack Sparrow Barbie
Barbie loves Elvis
Sinatra Barbie
Girls in the City Rement set
Wool Roving
Barbie Basics Blonde
Lt. Sulu doll
OSS sock monkey hat
LIV patio set

I think that's it. I'm sure more are on their way (about to order that Barbie fold up house with the red door and the orange washer dryer...)

I vow that during the Year of Prosperity to really choose my purchases more wisely. I could have bought a lot more LIV dolls and had articulated bodies, great clothes and traded the heads.  I need to spend more on craft supplies and more time working on photography. Better furniture and less plastic!

But with Barbies working on this Star Doll thing....(I had no idea these were available yet...) I see them all over ebay but not on or Amazon....Hmmm.

Really when you see it typed, that list isn't so bad.


  1. You bought some nice items. How do you like the FDQ In Focus book? I went to Wu Con last week and I was hoping that the book would be in the salesroom.

  2. Actually, that isn't too bad. Oh wait. It says 2010. How far into 2011 does that go? Will the list for 2011 be out in January? LOL.

  3. Georgia Girl, the book was pretty good. It's like a big magazine. It was pretty helpful but I'll still have to get myself a good book on digital photography.

    Vanessa, my new year begins October 31st. I may have gotten a slight jump on the new year but let's say from October 1st-October 1st.

    But thank you for being my enabler! When you think about it, many of the purchases were Barbie so not too pricey or anything...


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