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Grandville Comes Together (LOTSA PICTURES!)

I'd been feeling kind of down lately. As you can tell by my blog, I just have no time to be in my doll room now. It's upstairs and usually me and the kids are downstairs and when I do set them up upstairs, they want to be in the doll room with me too. And little crawling Isobel has a knack for finding the most dangerous thing in the room and putting it in her mouth.

But I got my mother to babysit the kids all day so the Hubs and I could enjoy our respective hobbies. He cleaned the house (sucker) and I hung out in the doll room.

The plan was to make my cobblestone street for an upcoming photo project. There were a few different way to do this:

1. Get a big piece of foam and carve out the cobbles. I tried this with some foam core. Um, no.

2. Make a stamp out of clay or something and stamp out the cobblestones.

3. Roll out some clay and carve the cobblestones

4. Make individual stones out of clay

5. Visit hobby shop and hope for something that will pass for 1/6th scale.

6. Buy/print a cobblestone pattern on paper.

7. Photoshop.

I gave up after #1. This project was going to take some time. I'm considering photographing everything with a white background and photoshopping everything in. Though my results are not perfect, I do enjoy Photoshop.

A day free of children seemed like a great time to work on Dani and Felix's house. After attempting to cover their walls with contact paper, I realized it's just not going to stick. The Hubs convinced me to put that piece of junk on the curb.  Deal! Dani and Felix are now in temporary housing. Welp, better than staying with Ms. Fear!

Anywho I thought the day would best be spend fixing up everyone house. Then my room would fill me with happiness when I walk into it instead of stress.


 And After:  Ahhhhh

 I wanted all the shelves right up against each other so I can incorporate a sidewalk at some point.

Ian back at the record store.

 Remi gets caught tagging a wall by Yet to be Named Monsieur Z gal.
 DJ Nadia set up shop above her record store.  (unfinished)
 Hanna now has her own place. Was going to be a gallery but turned in to a studio and small living space. She's MIA because her hair got wrecked in the move and she needs to visit the Cooktop Salon.
 Josephine's house. The good thing about losing Dani's place is that Josephine inherited that leather seat that looks great here. Seen here with the beginnings of the NeoSoul Beatniks. That Nikki turned out to be a real primadonna! So unlike her little brother Remi.
 Just like in France, Gypsies get the shaft. Sorry guys, next time. Our neighbor moved and gave us this great little credenza thing. Perfect for me.
 I took the opportunity to do some redecorating. Sooki loses the desk and gets a shelf. Like she does homework anyway.  Ms. Fear gets a "window" treatment my mom made. Still working on Momoko. I just don't know how a drug dealer would decorate. I think of either really tacky nouveau riche stuff or super slick modern. But she's neither of those people...
 The lower two cubes are the temporary living spaces for Dani and Felix.
 Outside of the Apartment building will be a little park. This is just a mock up.
 The Fetish crowd hanging out in Mistress Ava's loft. I have plans for her home but this is a temporary space.
 Yeah the closet is still a mess.
 Found this little cabana at Walmart for $7. Nice.
YOINK! Iris is making plans for this toy. I'll probably give her the chair. I've tried to share more with her...
 This is her face looking at the doll homes.
Dani and Felix are taking advantage of the solitude by chilling in their PJs.  "Hmmphf, I don't know how I'm going to live without a bathroom or bedroom but whatever."
 Actually this kitchen is way roomier.
 I glue everything down, now to mount it on the wall again.
 Ooops, my toaster oven is about to tumble.
 Sooki is really enjoying her room. Remember when Dynamite Girls were like $40? Doesn't seem so long ago...
Thanks for playing!



  1. Dani's in the house! ROTFL at "he cleaned the house, sucker..." too funny! I LOVE what you've done with your room, it looks awesome! The doll apartments, record store, etc...fabulous!

    My place is small but I was able to carve out a "doll-room" from an extra walk-in closet. That's my way of keeping my lil' one out of Mommies toys. The cool thing about head swapping is, my daughter gets a new doll when I do...sort of. She gets a new doll head that I don't want on a body that's not easily broken by her.

    Ah...Mistress Ava, that's my girl! I keep wondering what I can put my feet on while I troll the blogs, now I know. ;)

    Photo shopping is a great idea (I've got to get that program). Or, maybe you can special order a ream of cobble stone paper from one of the hobby shops or Michael's.

    I could kick myself for not purchasing several of the DG's when they were $20 on IT a few months back. Ugh!

    Anyway, lil' Miss Iris is gorgeous! Great job on the room and can't wait to see more.

  2. Thanks Tracy! I just need to not get overwhelmed with all the stuff out there to buy! I really need to just work on what I have!

    Speaking of kids and dolls: I'm scared to death of mice. So I get home, go to the doll room and there's a rat on my floor. Took me a second to realize it's my plastic rat. Then I see plastic cats and a little table on the window sill. Iris is looking at me all guilty. She learned to turn knobs! I had to install the child safety knob. Now I can barely get in!

  3. I flippin' LOVE your washer and dryer! :) Wish I had a wall to graffiti in my dolly-verse. Near future maybe? haha! You have truly been a VERY busy gal!! So many wonderful pictures! I am so with Tracy on Mistress Ava....we need to take notes. ;) lol

  4. I love your After picture, even though you did the classic Before and After shot. Your before shot is all dark and dreary. Then BAM! The after shot is all well lit and beautiful. LOL! Great stuff. The fetish room is too funny.


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