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Oh my lovies, I am so busy at work, which seems to be the only place I can work on this blog.

I haven't been doing much since the holiday. But I did receive my belated Xmas gifts (wanted to spend all the money on the kids, so I only got the lonely lighthouse keeper and a Justin Beiber outfit)

Anyway I got the two Fallen Angels accessory packs. They are a perfect fit for Dynamite bodies.

And yes all my fine attempts at lighting are gone!

Oh I also got the Barbie Basics (bathing suit gals) accessory pack. The blue one. I'm trying to make it work for June the transsexual but I promptly lost the belt.

I had a little mula burning a hole in my pocket but I couldn't find anything to buy.  A bench for the park?  A rocking chair for my lighthouse keeper? Much needed plain t-shirts?

No! Something totally unnecessary!
This crap!

Mostly I'm just looking for wedding dresses for Dani and I plan on buying every white dress I see. Plus Rock Hudson is hella handsome. I'm sure I can trade Doris' hideous head or make her an old lady or something.

But the good news is *ta da!* I came in right at my $40 limit. Well, before shipping. Formalities.

Other projects: I ripped up egg cartons, so now I have to glue them to the walkway and paint then lightly.

Also, I hate my fashion royalty dolls. I'm going to try my first real repaints and if they don't work out, it just means returning to the junk drawer.

Anyway dahlinks, have a great week and I'll keep you posted!

OH HEY! Does anyone have another (2) purple Fallen Angel dress like above or the maroon one that came with Zarrin, the Fall Angel above? Dani needs bridesmaid dresses.  Edgy ones!



  1. First off Dani, I got your email and I rely back to you so because it is pretty long!

    2nd I just want the star dolls for their fashion! Plus I need to catch up on your blog because I didn't know that Dani was getting married! 2012 will be the year of the weddings!

  2. You're still two steps ahead of me. I'm not ready to venture into redoing any FR's. I will kill off an old blonde Babs or two. I haven't looked for the Star Doll packs yet. I just want certain pieces.

    Can't wait to see what other white dresses Dani has to choose from. Is Rock articulated?

  3. Love the accessory pack outfits! I have the same question as Dollz4Moi, is Rock Hudson articulate? LMAO about Doris' "hideous head." Ooo...maybe you can make her a nosey meddlesome neighbor. Did you see Bringing Down the House (Queen Latifah & Steve Martin) Betty White's character was hilarious. :)

    Great haul.

  4. I sincerely doubt Rock's articulated. He'll probably be like the Barbie Basics boy. But a good, manly face and you don't get that much from Mattel!

    Oooh I need a good nosy neighbor. Some lady that just sits at her window sill all day and knows all the goings on of Grandville. I like!

    What I really want for Dani, if I don't get the totally overpriced, unarticulated Grace Kelly bride doll, is a dress like Catherine Bissett. Remember her? JFK Jr's bride? Great dress.

  5. "Much needed plain t-shirts?

    No! Something totally unnecessary!

    This crap!"


    You can still find some plain TANKS from Basics in stores. I'm sure you know, but to me, they've been a godsend. I'd love some more sweaters and jackets for layering, though. I love that Basics ish, haha. Maybe they'll come out with tees. One thing I love is how they're numbered to allow hundreds in the future! Ah, happy sigh. It'd be nice if they came in the two body shapes, but at least their bodies can be swapped for more pose-able ones of the same clothing size (most of you really care).

    Anyway, I bought the same accessory set (waiting on the more yellow one b/c it's chilly out & that's too summer + budget) but I'm kinda peeved b/c Barbie Collector should have shipped it yesterday---but my charge is still pending & I know how Internet shopping works! On the website they brag about fast shipping. Ugh.

    I really love Doris's head, btw, I think she's fantastic - I don't get it. Oh well. :-) I enjoy realistic Barbies & I'm addicted to short hair - even as a kid liked it on dolls (I was a good "hairdresser" too). And hey, old people are needed, they just take some DIY.

    Oddly, to me Rock looks less manly than Douche Bag Kens of today; the faces are too macho in a bad way (with terrible hair, some of them). Rock's just the perfect all-around handsome guy, not too much of this, that or anything. I definitely want to get him sometime, myself.

    Personally, I don't know what to buy next, really - I'm afraid of maxing out my current budget quickly. Mostly, I'm anxious to get what's in the mail and pop over to see if Barnes & Noble has what I REALLY want in stock in B&M (fashion designer); I'd feel bothered to get it online, but hate worse to wait and THEN have to wait for shipping, but we're really busy in our TWO CASAS, 'cos we're taking a month to move to a new apartment. I'm trying not to put shopping and "Barbie errands" before actual important things.

    Of course, I want to shop, and yet I don't want to - that's odd for this chica!

    Anyway, wedding stuff! Exciting! Is Dani you? (Dumb question?)

  6. No, Dani is not me. We just have the same name. Dani is Feelin' Fierce Dani (Dynamite Girls). You can read more about her here:

  7. Hello from spain, Rock is very manly. The weeding dress of Grace Kelly is wonderful. I have already looking forward to the weeding. Keep in touch

  8. I love the Rock and DD set. Mostly because of Rock. So when's the wedding? I get this question all the time about Rod and Danielle's wedding. So much pressure. Those purple dresses will make nice bridesmaids dresses for Dani. I'm looking forward to the wedding.

  9. I'm looking forward to the wedding too. Probably won't be for another year. I want to get a few more dresses first, then maybe use Stinker's Stuff tutorials (the confessional) to make a little Catholic church (well, at least the altar). Dani strikes me as Catholic. When is your Dani(elle) getting married?

  10. Do you have bridal shoes (& clutch) picked out or are you going to be interested in borrowing some? I just got this set in the mail, and I didn't quite know how it would look, but they're so fabulous and look so bridal! I won't have weddings or much going on for quite some time. They might need to fulfill some bridal destiny, heh. I can show you a picture later, if you'd like!

    1. Thanks Elle. But I think I'm all set for shoes and I probably won't use a purse at all. Doris Day came with both just in case.


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