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Wedding Schmedding.

There are a great many things which people celebrate and treasure that I find incredibly boring and dorky. Graduation ceremonies, Christmas decorations, actually celebrating holidays at all and friggin' weddings. Ugh, weddings. Dreadings.

This is my wedding picture:

This is in the office of the Justice of the Peace. Just how I always dreamed it would be. I'm serious!

Months later we had a big reception and as I was planning it (picture it: fire breathers, burlesque dancers, Chinese fan dancers!), I broke out in hives. I kept a few acts, but had to mellow it WAY out.

All in all, it may have cost $500. (including my two dresses) The Hubs is a DJ and all our friends are artists, so all the talent was free and even the venue bartered some free DJ nights. So we had lots of mula left to furnish our house.

I find that much more romantic than blowing $10k on one day that tortures all your family and friends (except for two minutes when they say 'I do', and they're staring into each other's eyes with such love and optimism. I'm bawling my eyes out with the rest of the saps!)

And now, as I will have to do for my girls later in life (please elope!), I have to plan a stinkin' wedding!

I thought I could keep Felix and Dani engaged for years and years. Aren't they cute?

But for some reason I'm feeling a push. I think because Dani's been getting the shaft. She officially one of my top two favorite dolls, but her best frenemy Hanna has been getting all the attention. Dani has a plotline that actually exists outside of my head:

And it all culminates with the wedding. It must happen.

The real issue here is, since I hate weddings and have never been the dreamy little girl planning it since age 5,  AND I've only been to two real weddings, I have a lot of learning to do!  Sadly, Dani is not the eloping kind. She's European so she wants all the fancy crap and to be surrounded by the nuns who raised her. Nuns? Where am I going to get habits?

Thankfully unlike human weddings, you don't have to plan out every little minute detail but it's still going to cost me too much money for a one time thing. Grandeville, you better have more weddings!

So here are the tutorials. I'll be attempting variations on these two things:   Wedding Gazebo  Confessional Booth

I'm still collecting wedding dresses and gathering materials, so no promises on when this is going to happen. But I guess I'm officially planning the wedding now. Stay tuned for the Bridal shower/Bachelorette party and the Bachelor party!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hey, I have always loved that Wedding Gazebo! I even looked a the pieces for it this summer. I am in the same boat as you! I will have a dolly wedding the end of this year or early next year. I went to Vegas myself!

    So... check this out too!

    Oh, and the close-ups!

    Maybe they can help! Hang in there girl!

  2. Oh Ms. Leo, thank you for sharing! I love it! You're having a wedding too? And I know Vanessa is having one too!

  3. Dani, You're not alone JOTP it is. I feel like all the money can be spent on a house or something else important. I never had the huge glitzy wedding dream either. Even when I watch some of them on TV I shake my head. Some of these people will be divorced in a year or two.

    No offense to anyone who has the wedding dream or the big wedding.

  4. "This is in the office of the Justice of the Peace. Just how I always dreamed it would be. I'm serious!"

    I with you Dani and Anika!

    If I ever get married we are going to the Justice of the Peace! I don't want no big wedding, waste of time if you ask me! But we will do anything for our dolls!

    Takeo and Addie are only having family and close friends at their wedding!

  5. Yay! Another dolly wedding. 2012 is the year!

  6. Dani, you look so gorgeous in your wedding picture!
    I've always wanted to do a doll wedding. I had this crazy idea though to take the pics in front of an actual church, make it look in scale via perspective tricks and such, which would involve taking pix while on all fours. Maybe one day I'll screw up the courage. Possibly get chased off the premises.

  7. Dani - you guys are a gorgeous couple, I love it! My ex-hubby and I got married at a chapel in Vegas, just the two of us. I didn't really wanna do the Vegas cliche' but I wanted to check some shows and we figured, well...since we're here. ;)

    It looks like there will be three weddings, lol. I'm planning a wedding for Brooklyn & Jody but I'm giving myself a whole five mos. I'm really looking forward to the other weddings. :)

    Love the Gazebo.

  8. Thanks guys! Looks like there will be lots of weddings this year! Alrunia, that's a great idea. I've seen your forced perspective stuff and it looks really cool! This might be a good opportunity to work more with Photoshop. We'll see!

  9. Hello from Spain: what a laugh with your hatred of traditional weddings. I think like you are a tremendous roll and cost lots of money and end the bride and groom do not enjoy anything. I bet with my boyfriend to run away and marry in secret .... Anyway I see them putting you up to date with details of your wedding celebration ... I look forward to the wedding dresses ... nun's habits and ... how good ... keep in touch

  10. I, too, would have ended up at the Justice of the Peace, had I not found the perfect $600 dress. But my husband and 5 stepkids planned it and did 95% of the work. They wanted it at the park, so we rented 2 spaces. One for the ceremony and one for the reception. My husband sang me down the aisle to "A Whole New World". My 12 yr old stepdaughter did a flute solo. My dog, Teddy was sitting on the front row in his tux. But we told everyone else to come casually dressed. I hired my ex-boyfriend's dad (who owned a Soul Food restaurant), to grill on site. My now 29 yr old stepdaughter (who played the flute) called to say she would be getting married and she was getting married in the same park we got married in as a tribute to us. I have to admit, I actually teared up hearing this. So in retrospect, it was the perfect wedding. Oddly enough, I love going to weddings. I would go to one every week if I could. BUT NO, I am not loving planning Rod and Danielle's wedding. I am totally stressed! I have considered calling my ex-husband for help. He did such a wonderful job with our wedding.

    1. I can't get the image of Teddy in a tux out of my head and I don't even know what he looks like. So cute. Sounds like the best part was letting everyone else do the work!

    2. I have been lock out of your blog and others for over a week! I really thought it was something my hubby downloaded and have been giving him the evil eye!;) I uploaded chrome-- boo boo! Thanks Nessa (your next)! I don't like it but will keep it for when I need it. It is not my default. I have bootleg software so I am always afraid about downloads. I think my wedding is going to be in St. Malcolm....a destination wedding!

  11. Dani I will be posting a picture of Teddy's tux soon. Ms. Leo I was able to get into the locked out blogs with Firefox, that I use as a backup sometimes. No Chrome for me. Glad you are back in.

  12. Why Firwfox and why no Chrome? I don't know the pros and cons.


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