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The Flagstone Walkway and Repainting!

I'm my own worst critic, but I am really pleased with this flagstone walkway.  I think Dolly University is really paying off. Okay I haven't called it Dolly University in a while. No one was joining in the fun and I never feel comfortable doing a tutorial unless the result is worthy of one. So I just show the results.

But I will tell you, I just ripped up some paper egg cartons glued the "stones" down with a little Elmer's and did some dry brushing with gray paint and then a little green. The texture of the egg cartons did all the work. I used this tutorial as well as the links at the bottom of that page.



Okay so the "grout" got a little messy but I am too lazy to fix it up and too afraid I'll make it worse. And really, what pictures will be from this angle?

I'll show the finished park soon. I was going to buy a park bench but why not make it? So there's that, then mulch for the ground beneath the trees. The grass needs some clean up too. I might just flock parts of it to look like weeds are growing. And I'm supposed to make a few steps out of stones but the ones I fished out of the creek are too sandy. Even hot glue won't make them stick after a vigorous cleaning. Maybe more egg cartons...

My First Repaint

I really liked the way my face-ups have been coming out. And each one gets better, so I took a chance and gave one of my old FR's an acetone facial.

Now let me just preface this by saying that is practice only. I didn't take my time, wasn't very careful, used cheap paint and didn't even water it down. And yes, she'll get redone. And she will have lipstick at some point. But wow, it went much better than I had hoped!

I don't have a good "before" pic, so check out this one on Flickr.

This is how she turned out.

I kept her eyebrows, so she still looks pretty evil. I need to work on her character before I proceed. Her eyes are gray because that's what was sitting on the table at the time. Now I have to study up on repainting. My eye doesn't pick up on things useful for painters like light and shadow and tiny detail. And how to do complex eye shadow is beyond me! I just do their makeup the way I do mine. Liquid liner, mascara and call it a day!

Sitting Kyori next to Beach Rebel Natalia (the next victim) makes the latter look like a prostitute!

Speaking of which, Grandville does not (officially) have a prostitute. (Yes, there is an unofficial prostitute) I must remedy this right away. What sort of slutty town like mine doesn't have a prostie? 

Wedding Update: 

I have decided to start really focusing on Dani's wedding. Right now the bridal shower is getting set up, but I'm going to wait for Mademoiselle Marie to return from being rerooted and repainted. Dani needs a real friend and I think Marie might be it.

I'm excited. This is where I will introduce Mama Fear and you will see the relationship she has with her daughters. And there are some side stories within the wedding story that I have to do.

That's all for now folks. Off to construct this park bench and re-pompadour Zeke's hair so he can charm more lady folks.



  1. I like the results of the walkway. Your repaint is not as bad as some I've seen. With a few more practice runs and thinned down paint you'll have a superstar :O)

  2. Thanks! Yeah there are some scary one's out there. Less is more! ! I can't wait to really take my time with it. I just wanted to jump in and see if I could do it.

  3. I really like how your first one turned out. :) Also, I will start work on Marie first after seeing this post. ;)

    1. No rush, really Cat. I was thinking around March anyway.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Love your walkway. Congrats on getting that finished. Yay for jumping in on the repainting. Starting new things is always the hard part. From this point on, it will be easy sailing.

  5. Thanks Vanessa. I hope so! Though I can already tell I have a lot to learn about being nice to my brushes!

  6. Hello from Spain, I was walking very real stones. The grass and the river i love how you were. The new eyes of Barbie are very pretty. I look forward to the weeding preparations. Keep in touch

  7. You did good on your first repaint. My Mom always said practice makes perfect. You are on your way. Love your walkway...very creative!

  8. Ms. LeoJan 18, 2012 11:42 AM
    No egg carton is safe! Love this. Just what I need for St. Malcolm and a few other places too. I will have to use this. I'm indoors now that it is cold and this seems like a fun project! I don't know if I am ready for a face paint right now but soon! Yours came out really good. It looks natural. Thanks for the info.
    P.S Chome is a little different. I will have to learn to use it!

  9. Oh,BTW, how do you store this or is it always up?

    1. Hi Ms. Leo. This park is always up, but it's just a big piece of cardboard, so if you remove the hedges and the trees, it will store flat.


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