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Happy Anniversary to me and the Hubs!

Okay so our anniversary isn't until February 8th but the Hubs got into the spirit early!

Forgive me as I figure out how to do lighting. But hey, I'm using lights!

Grandville's favorite pusher, Morgan cruises in her new Mini Cooper with new beau (and new Obitsu body).

"And they told me to go to college?"

"I hope you know if you touch that steering wheel, you'll be pulling away a stump."

You've probably seen the interior photos but here you go:

 "I lurve this car!"

And I also:
  • Fixed Rockabilly Zeke's pompadour (Legolas Ken)
  • Made just the saddest park bench you've ever seen
  • Found a proper home for the cafe. 
  • Blew like $100 on wedding dresses. 

Including this doll below. There's a story behind this, wanna hear it? Great, take a seat. So I'm in my early twenties and I'm walking through the mall and one of those survey people stop me. I mostly hate talking to people but I'm drawn to surveys. Weirdo.

So whaddya know, the survey is about BARBIES! I was stoked. I got to sit in a private room with a computer screen showing me upcoming Mattel ideas for the collector stuff and asking my opinion. As a gift, they gave me this The Swan Barbie!  She was just gorgeous! I adored her. Then one day I came home to see that my dog had chewed her legs off.

(I was green then and a stranger to just switching damn bodies.)

Okay off to plot a new park bench. The foam core frame looked a mess so I covered it with clay and it got even worse.



  1. HAha this is really funny and creative! Nice post! Check out mine?

    Please check out my blog and follow, and ill be sure to return the favor! Thanks! xoxoxo

  2. Ahhhh!! I LOVE the new body on her! She is even sassier than before! Little Momoko is growing up. ;) The car looks awesome. I keep seeing it everywhere, and I am trying to resist. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and your hubby! :)

  3. Happy Anniversary! Love that car. I was lucky to find one at Target a few days ago and had to have it (not to mentiion it was on sale!). Looking forward to the wedding festivities and good luck with the bench :)

  4. I'm very glad you found Morgan a body and I wish nothing but blessing on your Anniversary!

  5. Yeah Morgan started "smellin' herself" (they say that down here. It means like getting cocky or something. I think it's derived from puberty and the smells that come with it?). She got the boy, the bod and the car. She's going to be trouble!

  6. Oh I think that's the car I just saw the other day and mentally put on my wishlist. I think it was one of my local Targets (this is for my mental notes). Looks good! Worries squashed. :-) (I find it affordable or at least reasonable, too. Affordable's something else with my wishlist circling 'round the Earth twice.)

    "Blew like $100 on wedding dresses." Ha. Awesome. That is fun, to me. I would have a blast doing something like that. I need to "blow" ~$200? to build a Barbie salon (the main chairs, alone, will be around $100 before a minor craft-adjustment). Sighhhh.

    I keep spotting wedding dresses or things that COULD be wedding dresses, for Barbie of course, now. I tell myself you'd know of it if I do, so I keep to myself.

    I love surveys, too!! I HATE people who speak to me in malls, though. Ha.

    (Gosh, that doll's neck is high... That's the Mattel photo, right?)

    So what did you do with the original dress? Did you sell/toss the body/head? Sad, but OK, but the DRESS? Did you sell the whole thing off? Is that why you bought it again? Am I being annoying?


    BTW, I have to try twice to hit "publish" now.

  7. Happy early anniversary! I can never get enough of seeing this car. She was funny! I am just getting caught up on some of your characters. When you say $100 on wedding dresses, is this just the wedding dresses, or does it include bridesmaids and flower girl dresses, too? Did you set a date yet?

  8. Haha, not annoying at all Cosmodollitan! I don't remember The Swan having such a long neck. You know how misleading those promo shots are! PLEASE share with me when you see a cool wedding dress. I think I have enough but none of them are exactly what I want. Oh the Swan dress. I took the headdress off, made another headdress out of it, used the feathers for a weird bird doll I made in the early collecting years and cut up the dress. I still have the corset and I use it often, though the pearls fell off...

    Vanessa-thanks! I'm ashamed to admit the $100 just bought a dress, plus the doll above (with dress). But one of the dresses is a Poppy Parker dress, so I'm trying not to feel so bad. I feel myself getting into the spirit of this thing! I have no date set. I'm thinking I might do it outside, so maybe spring? (being optimistic). I think I have all my bridesmaid dresses at least on order. Crap, flower girl dress!

    I still have no decorations at all. I hope doll folks are still getting married when I'm done so I can sell off those dresses! Are you making your wedding cake?

  9. It's been my experience that doll folks are always getting married. Ringer suit? Yes, I am planning to make their wedding cake. I was supposed to make a few cakes last week for displays, but I got sidetracked.

  10. Hello from Spain, I love that type of car and your new guy. Congratulations on the anniversary even in February. The new blog design I like because is is simple and opens on my computer quickly. What luck with the survey and Barbie gift. Keep in touch

  11. Congrats and Happy Anniversary!!!. Like everyone else I love the mini cooper and I should have it just in time for my b-day in Feb too. I love you blog and I can see it going to be alot of fun to follow.

  12. Thanks Brini! Thanks for following me!

  13. Happy Anniversary!!! Sorry, I'm sooo late. :( Love the's HOT! I think Morgan looks awesome on her new Obitsu body. I've read they're pretty sturdy bodies. And... that wedding Barbie is just gorgeous.

    Can't to see the park bench. :)

  14. Hey you know what would be a great bridesmaids dress? A pink and orange, empire waist, v-neck glittery mini-dress. They could wear them with a low slung brown leather belt and brown boots with pink soles and a pink buckle.

    Do you get the joke? It's damn Artsy Fashionista. I feel like i have thirty of that damn outfit with all the body changes. I always think someday I'll use them to make a singing group. When I had my first three it was going to be the Supremes, but then I had more than three...then more...and even more.

  15. Happy early Anniversary :O) I'm loving Morgan's new body. I have to get a few more for a couple of ladies around here. I'm so trying to resist this car but everyone has it and I need it..LOL. Love the shots with the lights and them driving through the city. I look forward to see more updates :O)

  16. hehe, this is so cute. I love the anniversary shots. :)
    New follower via RSS feed. I am just getting into 1/6 and can't wait to look more into your blog!

  17. How did I miss this? Well, happy anniversary away! Love this post. I can beleive how much better Sulu looks in casual clothing. I am going to have to redress mine. The lights seem to be working well!


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