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Need Advice!

Hi guys, I need some advice.

I was redressing my Momoko and I broke her wrist! It's pretty much irreparable. I was going to just crazy glue it but I lost the little post that makes the wrist move.  I was just going to give her a story line. This is terrible.

So can I get a Momoko arm anywhere?  I tried an Obitsu arm I have hanging around and that didn't work. I could rebody her but no one on earth is as pale as she is, even my palest doll!

The Hubs had a great idea that i might try. Give her a robotic arm. He even dismantled some action figure to help me out. This is a cool idea. Hardly realistic but I think the lines of realism in Grandville will start blurring.

Anyway, got any other solutions? Replacement Momoko bodies? Dang, those girls are expensive and look so much like children that it's really hard to give them boyfriends. I don't want another one. But I live Morgan, my drug dealer.

Please help! Someone please lend a hand! (okay couldn't resist that.)



  1. Oh no!!! :( I have never owned a Momoko and have zero advice. I hope someone can help you as these gals are very expensive. Is she really paler than the white(literally) skinned Obitsu? I have one of those and she is SUPER pale! Or did the Obitsu arm just not fit?

  2. Are you sure you couldn't just rebody her on an Obitsu body? Junky spot has pretty decent prices on various Obitsu bodies and they are in the US, so you won't have to worry about international shipping times.

  3. The Obitsu arm didn't fit and the body I have is even more juvenile than she already is. Though it is the right shade. Maybe I'll just try to find the right Obitsu body out there.

    But SOMEONE is getting a robot arm. I just can't resist!

  4. Try this link:
    These are all 27cm in height but there are some that aren't as juvenile in looks as the one you might have. Here is one of my gal's on an Obitsu body I bought from junkyspot:

    She is meant to have a cute thing going on. lol

    And as for roboarm on a dolly....YOU SHOULD TOTALLY GO FOR IT! :D

  5. Holy chicihi's! She's adorable. Okay I'm going to check them out. The ones I have must be pre-teens or something.

  6. Yeah, miss Pandora's top goods are the large bust size. lol They have small bust and they also have 25cm and lower, which might be what you have.

  7. Okay I just bought a medium bust. Thanks Cat! Oh my new nerdy Sulu is going to be really grateful.

    They have CLEAR bodies? Oh man, Grandville is going supernatural!

  8. Yay! I feel like I was actually helpful! lol :) I also have the medium bust, that one is going to a re-root for my sister. Speaking of re-roots where did you purchase your wool roving? I need to buy some for Adrian's dreadlocks. :) Because now I can't see him any other way after the picture you sent. lol

    And I SO thought of you when I saw the clear bodies. They really cool. I can see the hot androids of Grandville now. Or maybe Nymeria could have an android-esk assistant?

  9. An army of Fem bots! hahaha. You totally saved the day. Although now it means the citizens of Grandville are still on drugs. Thanks a lot Cat. hahah!

    I got the wool roving from etsy. The one I sent you with Mme. Marie is from

    The other one that was kind of a hot mess was from here:

    Just adding that in case you want to make the comparison to see why the second one was total crap...

  10. Hi from Spain, how frustrating it the hand of the doll. I can think to put another body. Sorry. Keep in touch

  11. I never own a Momoko because unlike Fashion Royalty,Dynamite girls and Fashionistas I think it will be very hard to find a body for them when something goes wrong! Hope you find something soon!

  12. Oh, no!!! That does not inspire confidence in pose-able wrists! But at least your husband was really sweet!

    Looks like you're into the robotic arm now - more power to ya! I think dolls are in alternate universes, anyway. ;-)

    BTW, I'm disappointed in the large bust, because it's too perky - but those bodies have intrigued me for a while.

  13. Another wedding question (if I turn out to like doll weddings even nearly as much as real ones, I'm in trouble). Are you going to get the bride Bella from Twilight? She doesn't seem too high priced. Nice dress for a non-typical bride.

    1. I am thinking about it, definitely. When I saw it on the blogs yesterday I couldn't dial home fast enough to tell the Hubs about it. I can always trade the doll...It's always good to have options right?

  14. Hello it's me lol. I just found your blog while I was checking out Cat's blog. Your stories are so great. I am going to back to read some more!

    1. Thanks April! So happy to see you here!


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