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Happy Birthday to me!

If you've been following this blog for a while, you'll notice my husband always gets my presents waaay early. This year is no exception. My birthday isn't for another 6 weeks or so but my newest addition yesterday!

But first, let's talk about Twilight Edward. He is the lead singer of my doll band, The Vinyls. But he's fallen out of  Grandville society because of that stiff body. But I like him. He has interesting hair and looks masculine. But he's so pale, I couldn't find a good body for him.

So I got this Justin Bieber set of instruments, one for each of the Vinyls's bandmates. But how could I let Edward on stage?  I remembered seeing Cat from A Doll Affinity had painted her stiffy to match a new body. But I'm a chicken, so decided to use makeup. I tried several eye shadow colors, which made him look like he was wearing blackface. So I tried my concealer and it was a damn near perfect match to the Harley Davidson body. Concealer is not permanent of course, but I need him for a scene right now.

But there is the matter of the glitter. I used some acetone to get a lot of it off but much of it remains and it looks like he has bad skin. He already lost a sideburn in the acetone carnage, poor guy.

Anyway I'll eventually take care of that and give him proper paint, but for now, here are the results.

Anyway, birthday:
I had debated for a while what to ask for. I love Dynamite Girls, so I thought of something from the Back to Brooklyn collection but meh, none of them really did it for me. What I really wanted was a sister for Penny. Someone to save her before she ended up a prostitute or something. For those of you who do not know, 17 year old Penny has a bit of a drinking problem and certainly some problems in selecting suitable mates.

Anyway what I really wanted was Downtown Darling Jett but for one reason or another I never found a deal I liked or opted for something different. Really, nothing has been thrilling me out there in doll world.

So what to choose for my b-day? A Hobby Lobby shopping spree? Some much needed action figure guys?

Then I saw High End Envy Erin on a Facebook post and there was but one birthday wish for me. The Hubs found a good deal for a nude (her outfit was fine, but not worth an extra $100 or whatever). So please let me introduce:  [Unnamed] Fitzgerald!

She's an old friend and coworker of Mistress Ava's. (PS: I never told you guys because I was so embarrassed at my stupidity but I totally burned off homegirl's bangs with a hair dryer in an attempt to remove her head. Rookie mistake! But I finally rerooted her front section and I like her better without the fringe.) I'm sorry I didn't even comb it. I was in a rush, people. Kids (three of them because I was babysitting my 5 year old niece too)


"Listen, you know I don't like to get in your business. But your little sister is in a downward spiral. I've been out of town a while so I didn't know how bad it has gotten."

"She dropped out of school, is dating a 25 year old who cheated on his girlfriend to be with her, then cheated on Penny with someone else! And she took him back! Apparently she's drunk all the time and maybe doing worse."

"God, what have I been doing here in  New York when my baby sister needs me? I can't let her turn out like my mother."

"I'm on the next flight out. Thanks Ava."

 The Vinyls play a free show in Grandville park.

"I swear this stuff is even better than their last album!" DJ Nadia proclaimed to girlfriend Valentina.

  Penny gazes at her lecherous boyfriend Zeke. Penny can never hide her inner turmoil.

"See what I mean?"

 "Gasp!! [Unnamed], what are you doing here!"

"Come here, girl. I'm going to take care of you from now on. Why didn't you tell me?"

 Penny immediately breaks down into loud sobs. Zeke looks on curiously and can't deny his arousal. Pig.

Look out for much more of this fiesty redhead.

I love this new Erin mold. She has enough of the old Erin to keep her interesting but less of squish head fat face alien look.

But what to name her?  Something powerful that will give us a good nickname...

UPDATE: Her name is Pia Fitzgerald (Pie-uh, not Pee-uh. She's very sensitive about that.)

You'll hear more about their family situations as soon as I flesh them out.



  1. Hi Dani!
    Sorry if I don't wish you a happy birthday, but where I live is said to bring bad luck do them first.
    It's really cool receive dolls as a gift, no one in my family ever gave me dolls for her birthday or for Christmas :( Edward looks hot in that body (although I prefer Jacob). There are some Itegrity male bodies that are pretty pale, I think that could fit with Edward. I like the short story and for Erin, if I can suggest a name, what do you think about Skylar?

    1. Wow, that's interesting Sergio. Are you from Italy? I have a new Italian cousin, I better not wish him a happy birthday!

      I would rather not get a $100 doll body for a $20 doll. And his character just doesn't make him worth it. But I do need to invest in my men!

      I have named our redhead, but I love the name Skylar. I will definitely use it in the future!

    2. Yes, I am from Italy, Sicily :)

  2. Whoohoo! Edward looks pretty good, and I hope Penny's sister can help her get back on track.

  3. happy early birthday I love getting dolls for my bithday enjoy she and edward are hot.

  4. Wow, Ava's re-root looks amazing! She looks more Diva-fied. Erin, is fierce! Great B-day present. :) I like what you did with Edwards face, I didn't know he was so handsome. I really love the HD mold, such great "bone structure."

    1. Thanks Tracy. It's funny, when I look at Erin in person I'm not all that impressed but she photographs beautifully. Yes, I love Edward's mold. It's called HD? I wonder why the other HD's don't have his masculinity!

  5. Pia looks gorgious, i love her face and hair.
    Nice birtday present.

  6. congrats on Pia. Best sculpt improvement IT ever made, imo.

    1. Yes, it's true. I still see your Alix when I look at her, yet she's very different. And so much better than the Rock Wedding Erin with the open mouth.


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