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Zee Gypsies!

I'm home today, the kids are at school (half day), so I decided to take some pictures with my little window of time.

I rarely show the gypsies and one of you guys requested it, so here they are!

"Hello, I am Carmen Kirpachi. Welcome to our home."

"This is my husband Milosh."

 "This is my brother, Franco. While his gaje girlfriend Josephine is in Paris, he's spending a lot more time with us."

"Excuse me, I have to put some more wood in the stove so I can get dinner started."

"My goat stew is Milosh's favorite but we need to get the pot hot first."

"This is my living area, also known as Franco's bedroom. But we don't mind. The Romany love having family around."

"Milosh says I drive like a fugitive so he doesn't let me drive very often."

"But sometimes I put a glamour on him and he forgets how much he hates my driving."

"I come from a long line of gypsy witches. Though I prefer to work my magick out in nature, when I'm indoors, here is where I do it. We also eat here when it's raining out."

"Ah, I am getting a strong sense that you like to play with dolls. I'm very psychic that way."

"Here, across from the stove are some potions, spell pouches and magickal instruments."
 Here's a better view.

 "Ugh, I need to fluff up these pillows. There's no reason to have a messy house when it's this small."

 "Here is the shelf on the other side. I need to keep lots of potions and things handy."
 [Jeez, some lighting really shows you where you gotta scrape off old glue!]

 "Outside is where I do most of my tarot readings. Now if you'll just give me a moment, I have a client."

"But what does it mean, Carmen?" asks Tallulah.

"Your true love is coming to you. It will take some self sacrifice on your part, but he is coming."

"And this is how we spend our evenings. Talking, singing, playing music and laughing (mostly at Franco's singing voice)."

"Thank you for joining us in our home. We hope the flesh human allows you to visit again."


  1. Since childhood, people compared me to a gypsy ..
    I love these themes, the costumes, the music, this is a fantastic post - I'll come back to it :) greetings

    1. Thank you Dark Beauty! I have always loved gypsies. Once I grew up and learned about real Romany and the prejudice they face, I loved them even more!

  2. This is my new favorite couple in Grandville! I really enjoyed this post. Love, love, love their home. "drive like a fugitive..." Hilarious. Thanks for showing them.

    1. Thanks I'm glad I did. I want them to be more involved in Grandville. Kind of the fantasy portion meeting the mundane portion.

  3. Oh my goodness!!! These guys are awesome! I love the Gypsys!!!!

  4. I found myself laughing again! (^_^) "Milosh says I drive like a fugitive so he doesn't let me drive very often." The pictures you placed with that statement was too perfect.

    1. I was sort of weighing out how much truth in the husband/wife relationship I should put. So I think we can assume Milosh TRIES to stop her from doing whatever she wants, but nothing can stop Carmen!

  5. Ahh the gypsys. Love 'em! Oooh, hopefully we'll get to see a new man in Tallulah's future soon!

    1. Thanks Verona. I wanted this to be a little teaser for Tallulah's upcoming story. I always know how I want things to end I just have to figure out how to get there!

  6. YEEEEE!! Franco!!! I'm glad to see him and his family!!! Thamk you :)

  7. I love it! I have my own gypsy fortuneteller character finally coming home to me soon. I have always been fascinated with that kind of thing!

    1. Thanks! I'm so obsessed with gypsies! If you haven't seen it already, check this out for inspiration:

    2. OH wow that is SO AWESOME!! Thanks for sharing it with me!!

  8. Luv it! So glad you did the little tour of their home along with it i've seen the outside but hadn't pictured the inside to be so great! I LOVE IT!

  9. I like this Gypsy family, especially Carmen. Their looks colorful and classy, neat and well-planned.

    1. Thanks D7ana! It took me so long to find the right doll for the role. I'd been wanting to do the caravan for a long time. I had a trailer like this as a kid and always wanted to find it again.

  10. Ack! Their van looks cool = colorful and classy, neat and well-planned.

  11. Oh to live the simple carefree life of a Gypsy. I love their humble abode, and Carmen & Milosh make a gorgeous couple. I wish I would have gotten two of that Johnny. He's hot!

    1. He sure is hot. I need to give him his pivotal body back. I think he was on my Harley body. My men are so unimportant, I just give them like 2 bodies to share. Ha!

  12. OMG, love, love looooooooooooooove when you show off the gorgeous gypsy caravan! (And of course, I love Carmen!)

    I don't know what it is, but Grandville really agrees with your guy dolls. I swear every time I see a dude I thought was ugly hanging out at your place, he goes on my want list!

  13. Thanks Smidgey. Who wouldn't love their namesake? I secretly wonder if Dani is my favorite doll because she has my name...So which boy are you lusting after? Jack Sparrow or Fox Mulder?

    1. LOL, both, of course! Maybe they've glamoured me.

  14. Love, love it! Very nice diorama. I really like all of the attention you paid to detail. Great photo story.


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