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I know, I butter you up, I make all these promises and then I disappear on you. It's like being single again, huh? Getting back to blogging is harder than I expected. I've been so used to Facebook these past few months that writing more than a paragraph feels like I'm being incredibly boring.

I've been putting Grandville back together again, sans Fear Manor which is currently fulfilling its original purpose as a bookshelf. It will be back at some point but for now, Ms. Fear made it clear she needs a new home. Since really, she's not really in many stories or posts, it will be shared and redecorated for whomever needs to rent a room.

I used the same technique as I did in Grandville Park.  Egg cartons ripped up, then some dry brushing. On the right is after the first layer of dry brushing. I cut the tops that way because I want to make a small roof too, but one that has a gap at the top for lighting.

I painted the inside a pale grayish blue. Popped in the windows, and then realized the whole thing is upside down and as a result, the windows are too high. Meh.

 I finished the walls of my classroom (pics to come) and now I'm working on painting 8 of those little Barbie chair/desk combos. The seats there will get another coat of that color then dry brushing with a dark brown.

Here's a little look at the new Grandville. I'm sorry I'll take a pic of the whole thing soon but I changed out the grass in the park and it looks much better. I'm still working on a background solutions. There's a window right above the park, so I'm having some issues.

You can see Hanna down there having a "glass" of "wine" with the new Franco, to whom I gave a little facial hair makeover (and stole his gypsy identity. Sorry pal.)
Okay I dunno if you're getting a photo story but you'll get some pics and dialogue, okay?

Miss you guys!


  1. This looks awesome Danielle! (^_^) I love your use of egg cartons. And you know that even if you only get around to some pictures with dialogue, I'll be looking forward to it.

  2. You are giving me life right now. The new Fear manor looks amazing and I'm loving the new grass with the walk-way. Glad to see you posting again. We miss you too.

  3. We will be happy with whatever you decide to give us. Love what you did to Ms. Fear's house.

  4. I love that paint job. I may have to try that egg carton thing

    1. Thanks. It does all the work for you. I wasn't happy with it at all, then a little dry brushing and the texture really comes out.

  5. Photostory or not, love the photos. Seeing your talent at work is always a treat.

    1. Thanks Ro. That means a lot coming from you! Loved the end of Mother Dearest!

  6. Miss you, too, Dani!

    Glad to see this start to the new Grandville. Very promising ... I love the exterior wall with the stone wall and the windows. Hanna up to mischief? Let the fun times roll!

  7. Love what you have so far. The egg carton is a great idea! I've seen it used as bricks too, though that seems like so. much. work. Ugh.

    If we don't get a story, well, at least you're creating, and that's what's important IMO. *hug*

    1. hahah! I'm saving up my egg cartons for the roof shingles now. Let me just get my other million projects done first....

  8. It looks great. I love the color.

    1. Thanks! Grandville is supposed to be on the coast so I wanted to go for for beach cottage colors but neutral so I can use it for other folks..

  9. I like what you have done thus far! Why did you change the grass? I guess I'll have to give your old posts a look see. Sooo....It was you who outbid me on the set of five chairs! ;)

    1. Hi Ms Leo! The grass before was a sheet of flocked grass for train sets. It was too flat, got flock on everything it touched and was easily stained beyond repair. The astroturf isn't exactly realistic in color but it still looks better. Sorry I stole your bid!


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