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School's In for Summer [LOTSA PICS!]

Hey folks!

Okay normal teenagers are dismissed from school by now but Grandville High (name may change) is now in session.

All we have is a classroom right now which will be redecorated for different subjects being taught in the room. I want to add a hallway with lockers too but that will probably very lo-fi, like the Froggy Stuff way. I am definitely adding a front to it, so the kids can smoke on the stairs and judge each other.

I think this is maybe a global current events class. You know Grandville had to get chichi with the education of their delinquents.

 I'm going to have to move Morgan over so you can see what she's doing.

But there's more my friends. Wondering what Hanna's been up to? Raimunda's been teaching her some cooking fundamentals.

"Okay Hanna, it's quite easy. Fill the pot with water, turn on the burner and wait. When you see bubbles, that means it's boiling."

"Great. Now what is a burner?"

Franco: *Snicker*

 "You enjoying the show, Mister? You don't have to be here you know."

"Are you kidding? This is hilarious. I would not miss it for the world."

Soon Hanna made spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread

 And it was pretty good.

Then Hanna made a whole roast chicken dinner!

"Mmm, I'm so hungry!"
"That bird looks amazing."

Later that evening, Hanna found some interesting news in the paper. A story of a missing monarch in a small country in Europe.

"Hmm. Zolandia can't find their prince? But isn't he...?"


"I wonder how much this princess is enjoying her rule..."

"How do I look?"

"Gorgeous. Why are you all fancy?" [Those bangs are driving me to distraction!]

"I have a hot date!"

"A what?"

 "You can't go on a date! I forbid it. How could you even think about doing that to me and Franco?"

"And what am I doing to you? Oh Hanna, don't be silly. This is how it is. Franco doesn't mind. He does it too. It doesn't change us Hanna."

 "Franco, would you talk some sense into her. Look at how she's dressed! She'll probably put out tonight."

Franco sighed. "Now calm down Hanna. How do you think you came to be here? We are an anchor Hanna. Rai will go out but she will come right back here and be with us as always. But we like to have our fun, so we do. Maybe we need to get to the root of your jealousy. "

"Okay, you two work on that and I'm heading out.  I won't be late." Homegirl was not about to miss out on some "strange".

The talked long into the night. Then, you know, stopped talking. Ahem. Wink wink. Nudge.

And here's a sneak peak of a photostory I'll never do:

"Thank you for seeing me Dani. It's been rough but I'm glad we can at least talk now. Because I have something to say."

"I'm mad at you Dani. I'm disappointed in you. I needed you and you treated me like the bad guy. How would you feel if I blamed you for..."

 "...for...for...something so horrible? I needed you and found myself alone. It would have been wrong for us to marry. The wife I want could never do that."

"Oh Felix!"

"I'm so sorry. You're right of course, but think of it from my perspective. How was I to know the truth of it? You've handled drugs before, I figured...I don't know, those pictures. You were awake, your body responded. How was I to know?"

"You could have just talked to me Dani. Instead you just pulled away and kicked me out of your life."

Cue old timey soap opera organ music. Seriously, no one wants to read a couple working through issues. So they get back together but the subject of marriage is off the table for now.

But don't worry. The gypsy Carmen told me someone in Grandville is getting married soon. (And by soon, I'm going to assume that means in like a year.)



  1. I get stupid excited when I see you've posted a new blog, and I get extra stupid excited when there are pictures! Ha! ;) First, LOVE the background....did I not notice it before, or is it relatively new? Next...I love that you have a fluid way of skipping to the good parts. (^_^) Hanna as a successful cook has me thrown for a loop. Very interested to see where this is going, very.

    1. Thanks honey! No it's fairly new. I noticed another blogger was using the graffiti background. I thought of you and other bloggers with custom backgrounds. Figured it was time to step up my game.

      I'm excited to see where it's going too. Happily it might involve Poppy. Someone's gotta give that girl a job!

  2. You have been busy! Love your schoolroom. I have to go read the previous story to find out what's going on with the three musketeers. LOL. Glad to see Dani and Felix have worked out their issues.

    1. Thanks Vanessa.

      I'm happy to see Dani and Felix working it out too. I was looking at old pictures and missing them together. I was going to let them date but it just felt wrong.

  3. Even though I was a dismal student, gotta say that the classroom is my favorite dio. Your posing there is great too. Love how the girls are passing notes in class - I was bad about doing that, lol.

    1. Tell me about it Muff. It's a wonder I graduated. I was always getting busted passing notes, cheating, smoking, skipping. Ah, the good old days. I hope to relive them through these kids.

  4. Love the classroom diorama and the interplay of the students. Morgan hiding in the back so that she can diddle with her I-phone is too cute.

    Congrats to Hanna on learning how to cook.

  5. WOW! The chairs came out well! They look like real wood in the picture. I have just got my last set of school chairs. I hoping to not have to paint them because they are all the same color and I suck at painting! So.. there are school uniforms? Did you make them or did you buy them? I seen a lot of uniforms lately and wonder are people making them.

    Do you ever what the show Hot Sets? That is what I think of when I see your dios! Congrats!

    1. Thanks! Dry brushing is wonderful and easy but I broke several points where the chair attaches, so leaving them as they are is a great move! I got the uniforms on ebay for less than $5 each! That was a serious search. I got them here:

    2. Hey! Thanks for the link! I think I have purchased some stuff from them. I looked at my last comment. I type too fast for my own good. I meant to say "do you ever watch the show Hot Sets?" It is challenge show about set design. I find it interesting how they do things.

    3. Oh I did watch Hot Set. I loooved that one! It's amazing, right? Great show. That and Face Off. My kids are big fans of Face Off. Shows them that monsters are fake.

  6. Hopefully with school in session, they all can keep out of trouble...Yeah, right! I can't wait to see the mischef I am sensing, and I guess Hanna is going to end up reverting to her old ways. While it was nice to see Dani and Felix back together, what Felix said was a little grafting, and if I was Dani, I'm pretty sure I would have ended up smacking 'em LOL.

    1. Mischief is always around the corner in Grandville!

      Yeah a guess the wife line might have been a bit much but he's right. It wasn't his fault but no one ever believes a man when he gets rapes. It's a bad double standard. Hopefully they can make it work again.

  7. Where in the world have I been that I missed this post (smdh)? The classroom came out awesome! I'm so happy Hanna pulled of a couple of meals without the fire department being called and everyone appears to be ok. :) I love how Hanna was jealous, she's a softy underneath all that badassedness (is that a word).

    You know, when I was younger I might have understood Dani's point entirely but after a few life experiences, gray hairs and a kid later, I have to say Felix made sense. Dani should have tried to communicate, angry or not and maybe thought about...hmm...who took the photos in the first place and would he really send me something like this knowingly.

    Great story, looking forward to the next one. :)


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