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Dolly Reassignments

My Fellow Collectors,

Did you know I used to write novels?  Well I did and they sucked magnificently. My main problem (other than plot and all the writing that wasn't dialogue) is my inability to edit. How can one edit? Whatever I wrote really happened and you can't change the past. Once I tried. It wasn't even in the novel. It was this fully fleshed out back story that went on for 30 pages. When I decided she'd be a better jewel thief than a private detective, I had to scrap that back story. But I was never free of it. Sometimes I'd refer to something in her past but it was that OTHER girl's past.

Why the hell am I talking about this? It's about my Heartbreaker TJ. I have such a hard time with this girl. And just when I want to sell her, I look at that bone structure, that beautiful hair and I just cannot bear to dump her. So I reinvent. I EDIT her.

She so purdy. A good model but boring.

She's been a reporter, a socialite, model (for Dolly U.) a baby mama. I just wanted to involve her so I made her the mother of Julian. You can sense her disinterest.

Ugh, she's so dull. Who is she?

Then there was the whole custody battle thing. What I really want is to see this happy family together with no complications. (Okay what I really want is to remove all children from all Grandville storylines. They are more boring than long, healthy committed relationships.)

So I propose wiping Veronica Taheri's back story from history. I feel terrible about it. It's going to throw off my stories, but I have a new job for her. She can still be half-Arab, half-black American heiress but she'll have a real purpose. More on that later.

Trying to make Fetch Happen

Since the last house, I've been trying to set these two up.  I didn't think they were feeling each other so I put him with another girl and his expression changed from angry to captivated.

I thought I was imagining things, and Tallulah looked so sad by herself, so I tried to pose these two in an embrace. It was like a force-field was between them. They were unposable! And he looked angry again.

Then I went to repose him with another girl and it's like they were magnets! While I was trying to pose her to embrace him, his hands went to all sorts of private regions. He looked happy again. And SHE looks happy. She doesn't have to wait for Cheerleader Barbie Boy now.

Don't fret, Tallulah prefers men of wealth anyway. Not a lowly teacher with a teenage kid.

Who is dude's new lady love? (I don't remember naming him. Maybe Judah?) Well, sit tight my friends. But I'll give you a clue. My Hommeboys love Barbies. Integrity makes some cold ass women, I guess.



  1. You are too funny but very real!

  2. LOL How much coffee did you drink this morning? ;)

  3. Am I being a spazz? Yeah that happens. But I swear it was only 40 ounces of coffee.

  4. Ah! The novelist dilemma and doubts and imaginative crossroads!

  5. Dang, now my curiosity is piqued! I want to see who he ended up with. I agree that sometimes dolly couples just don't work out. That's why I wait until I see how the chemistry is before declaring couples. I do love that Monogram doll though.

    1. It's kind of like dating. I don't wait until I find a soul mate before I talk about a date. I had worked out a story line for them but luckily never shot it. I still might do the story but substitute the new lady in...

  6. Lol!! You are hilarious! Monogram does not appear to be interested at all. Lol!

    1. Oooh, wait until you see who she ends up with. I won't say she traded up. I think Judah (?) is hotter but...well, you'll see.

  7. This post cracks me up, but is so true... even if it's just us imposing how we feel about the dolls onto them, they take on a force that we have to reckon with. Especially relationship-wise. Sometimes they just don't fit visually... no matter how much we'd like to force the issue. XD

    I don't blame you on wanting to evict kids. In stories that focus on adults, they're really often just cute little accessories. They're rarely ever given as much weight as a grown up character.

    I say "Evict the kids" if that's how your feeling. I mean, it's not like you can't add them all back in later if you end up really hating it. :)

    1. Down with children! I'm glad you feel me. Setting up little rooms does not do it for me. I love seeing them but in my own tiny space, I just do not have room!

  8. I thinks this is part of the reason I have drafts! Working out a storyline and working out couples. I too think many of the IT gals seem a bit cold and I am waiting on AA Cheerleader Ken too. I noticed they didn't have him pictured in the catalog. I am wondering if they plan to keep the same face or change him.

    1. I'll welcome either as long as he is pivotal!

  9. I had the same problem with my TJ Heartbreaker and I still can't figure out why I just wasn't that into her. I ended up keeping her body and trading her head for an AA Action figure. :/ I'm surprised that I still don't feel any regret...maybe later. Tallulah is STUNNING but she does look like she eats men up for breakfast, LOL. I could be way off but she strikes me as the type who has a couple really good looking boy toys around but has not need for them after that.

    I'm waiting on my AA cheerleader guy too. I wanted to get multiples but couldn't afford it right away and now they're sold out. Oh well, hope Mattel doesn't mess me up with a bad quality doll. Anyway, now that he's pivotal he's going to shake things up around here and that usually means a couple change. :)


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