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Story Updates. Pics Galore

Hello my friends. Man, it has been a dramatic week or so. Seems like everyone is having relationship drama (except me) and I have this sick desire to see everyone happy at all times, so it is emotionally draining! Better to butt out and stick to the business of plastic drama.


Ms. Figueroa addresses the class:  "Who can tell me what countries are currently at war? Morgan?"

"Uh, my hand wasn't up."

"No, because they were too busy texting. You know the rules, bring it here."

"Sorry Ms. Figueroa."
"I'd rather not go through this every day Morgan. You can have it back after class."

"G'night Ms. Figueroa. Have a good weekend."
"You too, Raven."

"Daddy, what are you doing here? Sookie's giving me a ride."
"Hi sweetie. Just here to have a word with Ms. Figueroa."

"Oh, um, okay. Can I go to the record store after school?"

"Sure, just be home by 5 okay?"

"Of course Daddy."

 "Judah! What a rare pleasure. What can I do to, FOR you?"

 "There was a woman I saw you with this morning. She dropped you off?"

"Sure, my car is in the shop, she's a good friend..."

"Who is she? She's breathtaking."

"Oh. Um. Yes, of course. I just." Marisol stammers.

"Well, want me to set you guys up?" she brightens.
"You would do that? I'd be so grateful to you."
"Sure, sure. I'll bring her by The Spot tonight, okay?"
"Thanks so much, Marisol."

 Marisol loves to watch him leave and mutters, "With your fine ass."

The teens met up at Hot Wax and Heroes.

 "So then he comes in wanting to talk to Ms. Figueroa!"

"Wow, if she's your new Mom, will she give you an A?"

Ian thinks, I'm so close I can almost touch her copper tresses.  Poor kid.

Meanwhile, several hours later on the other side of Grandville:

"Wake up, my loves!"

"Whah? Huh?"

"We're going out tonight! So get up and get dressed!"

"But Rai, I don't know if I'm ready yet."

"Nonsense, your bangs* have grown out, I bought you a new dress. No arguments. We're hitting the town tonight!"

*partial reroot courtesy of A Doll Affinity. Thanks Cat!

Several hours earlier (What? Get back in the time machine.)

"Nikki, how much do you love me?"

"I love you enough to pick your ass up and drop you off every damn day until that car gets fixed. Ugh, this convertible is making my shit all frizzy today."

"I'm your real best friend, not Dani, right?"

"Marisol, what is this about? You're up to no good."

"Oh you'll see. You are gonna loooove me!"

"Nik, just make sure you wear something hot tonight. No cargo pants okay? You ain't shootin' photos in the damn Serengeti."

"I got a bad feeling about this..."

Ah, there we go, all caught up.  Now for The Spot. [PS: Did I steal that from one of you? It just came to me which usually means I'm stealing. I'll rename if that's the name of your club!]  Anyway, see I haven't created that club yet. My non goth/punk/weirdo folks need somewhere to hang out. The classy folks, the older set. I need to make a sort of  "Shark Bar". Do they still have those? Anyway, thinking someone's living room might serve double duty. 

So for the next week, I'm dressing up people and trying to get two bars together.

Oh and because I already took the photo of the happy new couple, get back in your time machine and go a few weeks into the future.

Opinions Wanted: The Hubs and I were debating about the favorite picture. One of us likes the background more in focus because it softens the features of the dolls. One of us likes the one with the couple more in focus because how many craps do I give about the background? (You can guess which one is my opinion.) Plus Nikki looks kinder in the bottom photo.

Which is your favorite?

Okay one more of Judah. I didn't realize what a looker he is:



  1. Hey Dani, I just checked up on your blog for the first time in awhile and was shocked at how busy you have been! Everything looks great, and I love the school. So happy you are back! I have been so busy as well, starting a few new projects and I have yet to finish the airplane, I will be sure to post some photos when I do! I can't wait for your to see it.

    1. Thanks Connor! You see Morgan is using the iphone you gave her, right? Can't wait to see the airplane!

  2. LOL, that is so coldblooded, Judah asking for a hookup when Marisol is clearly crushing on him. Men are so oblivious that way.

    1. Stupid men. I think half the women in Grandville are throwing themselves at him but he doesn't even notice.

  3. I love Grandville. :) Morgan stay textin', her petty coat by the way. Ms. Figueroa took the words "witcha' fine ass" out of my mouth, Judah is FIONE!

    I love Hanna's new look, very sexy. Rai has more energy than the high schoolers, didn't she just get home from her date? I think Hanna will be ok if they go somewhere they're sure not to run into Dani or Nikki. Which by the way, Judah and Nikki look perfect together!

    I don't think I remember anyone with a club called The Spot... my bars are The Word Shop, Club Icon and Blue Bar also for different types of crowds. My pic of photos would be the dolls in focus.

    Looking forward to the next post. :))

    1. Thanks for having my back Tracy! Well I guess I'll keep the Spot then. Made me realize how little furniture I have. For a dive bar, it should be all non matching and stuff. But an upscale grown up club? Hmmm.

      As for Rai, this is supposed to be several months later. I am worried about Hanna and the club...

  4. WOW! Did you squeeze a lot of stories into one post! Your Judah does look hot! I like the shirt on him Is it a homme shirt? It doesn't fit like a Ken shirt. I like the bottom pic of Nikki. She looks... sultry. I find when I take pictures of dolls with different complexions, one face is fully in focus and one is a little off. I don't know why. I just noticed the pencils. Nice touch! Great post!

    1. The shirt is actually from Twilight Edward.

      I find my lighter dolls so hard to photograph. Light is always bouncing off them!

      Thank you to Connor Lucas for the pencils and the iphone! Great work!

  5. Love the story-and I like the bottom photo best :) Great photos!!

  6. Of course I saw the phone! Everything looks amazing! So many details as always.

  7. Does Ian have stolen pictures of his customers in his basement like a psycopath?

    I've never seen Judah (that reminds me Lady Gaga). What doll is he?

    Oh, and I prefer the second picture better

  8. Judah, Judah, Judah. Need I say more? Poor Marisol. I know how she feels. The very same thing happened to me years ago. Talk about hurtful. Love all the stories. Love the new hair. Judah and Nikki make a great couple. I pick picture number two.

  9. I love how you portray all the doll's relationships and interactions. And of course, I'm always lovin to see more Hanna! She looks so sultry with the new partial reroot! Great pics, and I like the 2nd picture.

  10. I agree about the 2nd photograph being the winner. Nice details of Nikki's hair.

    Judah does look great. Wow is he gorgeous. Sigh ... pity for Marisol though. Those one-sided crushes are downers ;-P


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