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Grandville's Triad [Adult situations] Pic heavy!

'Sup folks!

Some of you may remember my Brazilian family, the da Silvas. Janaina (Jun-eye-EE-na), the tattooed bartender and ex girlfriend of DJ Nadia,  teenage brother Lucas and sex goddess Raimunda (High-moon-duh). Rai (Ray) never really had a story but I wanted to bring her in.

Then there was Hanna to consider. When you drug your friend's fiance and pay a stripper to have sex with him while you take photos, then send said photos to your friend, how do you recover from that? Even if your studio burned down and you were exiled from Grandville. How could you hope to begin again in Grandville?

When you get to the heart of the matter, Hanna is deeply troubled, that's why she does the things she does. It takes a loving environment with care and patience. A stable and meaningful relationship. This is the Grandville equivalent of going to rehab to forgive a DUI or whatever trouble you got into lately in Hollywood. I'm looking at you Lohan. Hanna will be the secondary in a triad (a poly-amorous relationship involving three people). And who better to be in a triad than Rai? (Doubly considering that she is based on Penelope Cruz who was in Vicky Christina Barcelona.)

It all started one day when Rai was out doing some shopping. She and her boyfriend were poly-amorous but hadn't had a third in some time. She knew Hanna, who was friends with her sister. She didn't think she was bad, just misguided. She sympathized with her current position, back in town and all alone. So she invited her for lunch.

Rai was delighted with Hanna. That caustic humor, the intelligence. To say nothing of her beauty. So she propositioned her. 

"Oh my god, did I just hear that?" Alejandra whispered. "Oh my God, oh my God!"
"Calm down Mom," Marisol said. "It's a modern world. Now hush, I can't hear!"

"Say you'll think about it Hanna. We could really help. And you can help us."
"Well, I guess I could give it a shot. I need a place to crash anyway."
"Splendid, I'll call Franco."

"Mom, this is best gossip this town has seen in at least a month."
"My darling, we have to tell absolutely everyone."

Back at Rai's.

"So let me get this straight," Hanna said. "Am I supposed to have sex with both of you all the time or do I get tossed around or what? Do I get a night off?"

"Hanna, it's not so sordid as all that. You do what you wish. We are very open. If you aren't attracted to Franco, you can just be my lover alone. And of course you are free to pursue another if you like, though I wish you wouldn't. Not at first. You need a break from who you were. This is a healing process."

"This is a sex cult, isn't it?"


"Franco, this is Hanna."

"Hmm, Hanna Gudmundsdottir. You've done some pretty terrible things in this town."

"Franco! You said you would be gentle with her. She knows what she's done and she does want to change."

Franco takes a deep breath and sighs.

"Very well, Hanna. You are free to stay here as long as you stay out of mischief."

Hanna got to know Franco and didn't find him to be the scolding father she thought he was. He was kind and intelligent. Maybe even a bit of a fuddy-duddy,but there was some attraction.

Later. Pajama time:

"So what happens now?" Hanna asks. "Should I get naked?"
Rai shares a look with Franco and laughs, "Well, we usually do a little reading."

 "And maybe have some coffee or tea. And talk."

"But if you have other things in mind..."

 "Well now that you mention it."

So sometimes Hanna was with Rai. 

And sometimes Hanna was with Franco.

And sometimes...

 ...they were all together.

 One big happy family.



  1. Oh my! Saucy! ;) I love it! I have to admit, it is nice to see something that isn't G rated in the doll world. After all, we are adults playing with dolls. (^_^) I also appreciate the story telling you are putting into this particular "triad". It's unique, and riveting. You've created a VERY interesting story (once again). Grandville is, and always will be, a one of a kind place. <3

    1. Thanks Cat! I'm going to be like Madonna, constantly trying to top the scandalousness! I hope Hanna can behave herself but something tells me she's going to slip up sooner or later...

  2. "fuddy-duddy" LOL!
    Loved this! Wellcome back :-*

  3. Good to see you back! Polyamory is such an unexplored territory, it's nice to see it being featured. I have to say though, I'd be treading very lightly with Ms. Hanna. Rai must see something in her that's deeply buried, 'cuz that girl is trouble!

    1. I definitely didn't handle it the way I wanted. It should not be something to be jumped into with someone like Hanna. But hey, we ladies love a good project! The good thing is, if she tried to betray Rai by sleeping with her man, Rai would probably make them an omelette.

  4. This was GOOD! I think Hanna will learn a lot from Rai and Franco. They're relationship is opposite of what Hanna's mind seems to go, LOL. I love the fact that their open within their union but no lines seem to be crossed. They're refine, have it together, no pressure and they have control over themselves, something Hanna lacks lots of. This ain't about wilin' out. It will be interesting to see how they nurture Hanna back to health. ;) You're town is looking awesome and the photos were very nice. I agree with Cat, it is nice to see something that isn't G rated. It's especially nice for me because this is my Happy Hour, night at "the club" know, time away from my Mom role, LOL. :)

    Good to have you back Dani!

    1. Thanks Tracy! I have always been curious about this lifestyle. I used to think it was just made up by horny men, but I know more and more intelligent, powerful women exploring it.

      I usually try to keep Grandville chaste but it's ridiculous to show drug dealing and not a little sex. There's a lot more sex on TV. And if you can allude to some love making in a nice healthy relationship...

      Hahah! I think my time in Grandville is my night at the club too!

  5. Well you made a Grand Entrance! I love where this story is going wish I had the balls before I got married and had children. Next life time I guess..... cant wait for the next post.

  6. I do enjoy an adult storyline. Well done.


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