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Guess Who's Coming to Dinner....

....It's Miss Fear's Mom! But we'll get to her in a minute. I'll wait for my rage to subside.

First I just wanted to show you some pics of how my reroot and airplane are going. This was a few days ago, so now June has a bit more hair. 

Ingredients: Later I used a demitasse of water instead of the spray bottle which got everything too wet except for the hair. I also stuck the needle in a cork (needle eye out) and started rooting the plug eye-first into the hole with pre-knotted plugs. Much faster.  Later Corset Kitten will show me how to make a reroot tool. Right, homegirl?

 Here's where we are so far. I should have cut the hair first. Now I have miles of hair that keeps getting tangled

It took a lot of paint but I've got my airplane painted. I think I'll take it outside this weekend and give it a big more. You can still see a lot of blue... But hey, I'm getting there! By the way, glossy Krylon for plastic has better coverage than the matte for some reason...

Okay, let's meet your new mommy.

Comme Ca du Mao Susie. I got a great deal for her on ebay. I really wanted Hanoi Hue Susie. She doesn't have bangs so looks more like a grandmother. But I think I'm a rerooting queen now, so I went for this girl with the idea that I'd reroot her.

I bought some gray hair, but it looks more like dishwater blonde, so this lady will be shelved while I try to find her some clothes to sit it and maybe a headband so she can get started telling Miss Fear what a failure she is.

Also, she really looks more Chinese than Japanese to me, but in a family of Japanese girls that just look like white girls with black hair, she'll fit in well enough.

Onto the review.

Here she is in the box. Her outfit is cute. Many of my dolls will enjoy the various parts. The box is flimsy and she was flopping around everywhere.
 The stand. This is the bottom. Looks like it had been set on fire. Note the bubbles.
 Hmm, the stand stick doesn't fit in the hole. Awesome.
 Sassy little pigtails with braided ribbon.
At first I thought her shirt was irregular. Wouldn't surprise me with this girl But I examined the shirt and found this was intentional. Was this the look of adorable commie teens in the day? I might fix that.
 Wait. Why is she standing funny?
 Crap! Her legs are crooked! See how uneven her knees and feet are? She's lame. Well maybe that will work well for an old lady. Ooh, I'll give her a cane! A fancy cane, so she can point to your lamp and tell you how tacky it is and how in her day, people cared how their homes looked.

Then in yanking off her boots, the sole came off! She is a piece of junk!!  Another thing: her skin felt dirty. Like when you're a kid and you go outside and get sweaty then come in and don't shower? The sticky salty weird skin? Yeah she has that. I had to wash her already.
 Maybe she was meant to stand like this at all times.
 Also the points of light in her eyes are lopsided. She's always and never looking directly at you.
I almost never regret a doll purchase unless she's a Barbie and I'm happy someone's around to nitpick Ms. Fear like she nitpicks Sooki but I will probably never buy another Susie again.

Mrs Fear (she needs a name, friends!) will get some gray streaks or maybe salt and pepper. Her eyes will fixed and if I can remove the smile at the corner of her mouth, I will. She'll also get some subtle wrinkles. She doesn't age much because she smears the blood of innocents on her face every night. Okay I'm kidding. But she will be so mean that you will believe it to be true!

Oh wait, and her body! She was like a dollar store doll!  Eck!



  1. I hate one Susie. HATED HER. Worst Doll Purchase. Ever. Rant over. I'm sorry you experienced the same reaction to her.

  2. The worst, right?! I'm going to find a Liv body and stick her head on it. She should be a little short since she's a shrinking old lady.

  3. I have about 3 Susie's that a friend gave me. They don't have these issues. It may be a possibility that the previous owner was not forthcoming with the issues the doll had too. I will try the LIV thing since I'm not that happy with the whole my feet are flat thing :O)

  4. ROFLMAO! Even though I feel your pain, your review was very humorous. I absolutely LOVE the idea of the mean old grandma for a character - good one. I bet she becomes a firm favourite. I always wanted a Susie but never got around to it. And they're not really cheap dolls either!

  5. I made a re-root tool with a needle and a pencil with full eraser and it works just fine. I will try to find the tutorial that taught me how to do it.

  6. Thanks Kristl. I knew I had seen that somewhere. I am going to try that immediately!


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