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Toy Hero

Well, if you're not familiar with the concept of guilt, breaking your kid's arm will definitely get you well acquainted with the term. So Saturday night, in the middle of our usual changing-into-pajamas wrestling match, I must have pulled Iris's arm too much because I dislocated it! It is a disturbingly common affliction called Nursemaid's Elbow. Man I'd hate to be the nanny for which this term was coined!

Anyway, I think the emergency room was more traumatizing for Iris than the pain. Temperature taking, pulse and poking and prodding. All standard for us, but for a kid who's already exhausted from the previous night's slumber party and with parents who are freaking the heck out, it must have been pretty scary.

So we're sitting there in the exam room, waiting for a doctor. My mother has shown up to care for the new baby but I can tell from the wails floating down the hall that she's having some trouble quieting her. I'm pacing, unable to help either of my children, when I find this little toy soldier on the footrest of the exam table.

I douse him in sanitizer and Iris gave me the tiniest of smiles. Okay he looks like a leader of a legion of the undead but that little guy was a hero to me and Iris who could only play with with him one handed. *sniff* (below is the next day)
I tried to get her to leave it for the next kid. Any kid that has to go to the ER needs a little toy. But she was not having any of that! Whatever. You can use your arm, Kid, you can have whatever you want!

I'll be following this post with a Dolly U one. Just wanted to give a shout out to Sergeant Screamy Face for personally rescuing my daughter from a case of the frights. As you were.



  1. Glad all is much better. It's great that this guy helped Iris smile :O)


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