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Committment Issues

So I was all excited to show my mom my Gypsy caravan and the "Versailles Sitting Room" I'm working on. She's a seamstress, has been known to just reupholster a couch just for a change (no slipcovers for her). She makes her own tablecloths, drapery and loves a craft project. I said to her, "Here's the dollhouse I'm decorating." She says, "Oh the one you already decorated?" Touche, Mother, touche. She's right: First life: Then, Living Room Close up: Then I made Josephine's apartment more New Yorky by moving her up a level and putting a store on the first level. Which has now been a new age store, a cafe and just a place where random items hang out en route to another project. And now the former kitchen, now sitting room getting its final (?) makeover. Dudes, I have a problem. I'm so terrified to commit. I envy those of you who build a diorama, the

Following my Follower

Good morning all, I finally have a follower! It's Smidge Girl from Smidge House . Her blog is awesome. Her voice is so funny and down to earth. She also builds beautiful and affordable 1/6 th scale furniture which you can find in her Etsy shop. Thanks for showing support Smidge Girl! A while back she reorganized her office and I was inspired. The Hubs and I have decided to stay another year in this little house we don't much like in the interest of not spending thousands on a move when we have another Barbie shoe eater on the way. So it's time to accept my office for what it is and try to make it work. My main problem, as Smidge Girl also mentioned is working on one project, then seeing something else that reminds you to work on another one. I have so many things in my project inbox that it's overwhelming sometimes. So I'll have half completed projects all over the place! I'd like to say I'll take it one room at a time, but I know it's a lie

Less Talk, More Pics

Just some random pictures.... I love how intensely they're playing but there are no cards. Blooper reel!

Your Doll Space

My second favorite type of posts on your blogs/forums, after the tutorials are the "Behind the Scenes" of your dioramas. I love to see what sort of space you're working in. As someone who is continually challenged to find the balance between work space, storage space and display space, I'm always looking for ideas. Some of you focus on one diorama at a time, then take it down, store it and create another. I wish I could be this person. I tried it once and it was fun: But then I took dismantled it and lamented my lack of a rain forest to play in. So things are (well, were , until I packed the girls away) set up as permanent dioramas. For the most part. If you can tell anything by the last few posts is that I don't deal well with permanence. I like to see a change in my surroundings. But then, my husband gave me Spooky Sooki. She became my goth enfant terrible. Her room has remained the same since the day I set it up for her: But I

My Latest Projects

You know I was going to do some flickr presentations of my past dioramas and photostories. I was going to go into an introduction of my girls, their personalities and family relations. But honestly, when you guys do that, I rarely remember who everyone is. So I'll make this a little more reflective of my current situation. I'm pregnant and maybe in some fit of early nesting or the realization that my 1st child will still be eating small things off the floor while I'm dealing with the 2nd child, or maybe because we hate our house and any bit of packing I can do now will make me feel better, I have packed up all my dolls. Yes, it hurts. But with those girls sitting around in their little apartments being so cute, I can't help develop intricate story lines which takes forever and before you know it, nap time is over. Not to mention the sound of pulling out an end table from under a pile of other plastic furniture is sure to wake the kid. Anyway, this is the time for me

My Kinda Doll Collecting

Hello fellow collectors, I've been on the sidelines watching all of you for about a year now and it's time for me to get my voice (and pictures) out there too. And since most of you are really supportive and loving, I'm sure you'll forgive my amateur attempt at interior design/accessories customization. From what it looks like a lot of you break down into different categories when it comes to your doll collecting (with many of you overlapping): -Retailers -Photographers -Fashion Designers -Interior Designers -Furniture Makers -Story Makers I myself fall into the last category. Where as some of you have a collection of fashion models with beautiful clothing and backdrops, I am dealing with a lotta personalities. They totally dictate how a photo story might go. (You know what I'm talking about story makers). Since watching all of you in various doll magazines or on various sites, I admit to being totally overcome with insane jealousy. What are you people, all ric