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Christmas Haul

Hi Guys! Pics to come but I couldn't wait to tell you about the doll stuff I got for Christmas. I got one of those World Peacekeeper dudes from Big Lots. I hate the gloved hands, but the faces are pretty cool. Any idea what kind of hands fit those guys? I have four that need some actual hands. I also got a Dragon Body to go with my Dragon head. I can't reveal him yet. He's a character soon to be in a photostory. Last but not least I got Comic Life! Man, nothing like this software to make you really want to organize your doll photos. Also in 1/6 related news, I got the hubs Sideshow's Darth Maul which is awesome. Really this Christmas was about the kid, who got loads of awesome stuff, but I was so happy to get some new goodies. This was just what I needed to jump start my doll inspiration. I did some playing with Comic Life, so see below. I'm looking forward to doing little Intro/Bios for all my main characters as I learn the templates and backgrounds, etc.


Forget pregnancy cravings, I have doll cravings! I've been obsessed with the idea of creating a goth style house for Sooki but she's 16 and making her an emancipated minor is just going to reek havoc with my storyline. And I decided that my dolls are frozen in time and not allowed to age. Sorry Sooki, you're 16 forever. But this goth palace idea keeps haunting me. hahaha no pun intended. There is so much cute goth/Victorian stuff out there. So many ideas for wall coverings and delightfully spooky 1:6 scale goodies to hunt for. So after much internal debate, I've decided to get Simi from Ashton Drake: Okay is she worth $150? No, not really but I'm a little in love with her. And really, Sooki's adorable and could go the Harijuku Goth Lolita route, but Simi's dead sexy (oh my god, really the puns are not intentional!) and could be my dominatrix goth chick. All my crazy patten leather get ups will have a home! I can use Stinker's Stuff walk in close

Absence Make You Have More Followers

Exciting! I have new followers. And all I had to do was be a total downer and run away from the blogosphere. You know, sometimes there's a doll that you really don't like and then suddenly, you're in love. My husband, a lover of all things that he thinks will mature in value (baseball cards, records, obscure "action figures") had a couple of dolls that he felt the need to give to me. He knew they would have a better life in my hands. One of which was Hasbro's Miss Fear. I really didn't like her. Her weapons were awesome and I really appreciated the cigarette holder but her clothes didn't fit well, her hair was insane and she didn't look anything like the hot cartoon on the box. Her makeup was terrible, her "Asian" eyes were just ridiculous. So she ended up being a bit character in things. She played a bodyguard or a bouncer. She was so beefy that I never let her be a "lady". I guess Ms. Fear's life turned around when m