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The Weekend in Pictures.

And that's about all you're going to get as an apology for my picture quality today. I was rushing so I didn't even bother trying to get a good picture out of this. I did loads of work this weekend, mostly the fun part which is putting little details in the rooms. Dani and Felix's kitchen: Tea Time in Josephine's Living Room: Josephine's Foyer: Josephine cozying up with Gypsy Ken. That's temporary flooring by the way: Josephine's kitchen. Voila! Brie avec baguette et vin. Tres magnifique! Nadia sees her crush Miho at the record store. "Did I wave too hard? Look too happy to see her?" The Vinyls audition a new keytar player. And boy is she cute... The Dynamite girls meet for dinner. Finally figured out a personality for Alanna (Dynamite girl TJ): Super rich spoiled socialite. So she HAD to have the Jonathan Adler couch. Josephine's balcony door. Meh, I'm not thrilled with it. Consider it a work in progress. Let's talk abo

Weekend Plans

Man, I've never been so happy to see Friday. How can you be so exhausted all the time, but then have so much energy? Maybe I am tired of work and only have energy for dolls and other small adorable creatures? I actually have plans with fully grown human type people this weekend so I don't know how much work will be done. But I always say that and cram in as much as possible. The Year of Luxury doesn't actually begin until October 31st but I'm getting a head start. We're getting our car checked out on Saturday and if I don't spend a month's rent on repairs (doubtful, it's just the check engine light that's been on for like a year and our mechanic is awesome), then I am buying myself a luxurious gift. I'm not going to say what it is because you if actual doll collectors beat me to ebay and buy it, I might cry. No seriously, I will. I'm really hormonal. But I will tell you after I buy it and take many pictures. You know, Josephine's hai

The Sofa Arrives!

My Smidge sofa is here! Wow, that was quick! It is beautifully made and perfectly suited to Josephine. I didn't even redress her for this photo. That's just some old thing she was wearing around the house. This weekend was really busy. I decided to take the upcoming Year of Luxury seriously. I painted Josephine's living room and installed the wainscotting. Course, I shoulda painted the wall first and the wainscotting got a bit twisty but I still like it. After it's done, it will look like this: See how perfect my new sofa looks in this room too? This will probably be Josephine's living room sometimes and a cafe at other times. This means I'm still going to need some Smidge chairs for my sitting room. C'mon payday! So why wainscotting on only 3/4th of the wall? Well, the truth is, I don't have a wood cutter mechanism for the molding. Not even a little saw. And I wanted Josephine to have a foyer anyway, so this worked out. I lamented

The Year of Luxury

When my daughter was born, I decided to take a break from photostories. Setting them up takes forever and you can never be quiet when working with plastic. Many naps were destroyed at the hand of dollplay. So most of this year was more focused on the crafty side. Spraypainting the Barbie pink out of perfectly good furniture. Creating some custom rooms for my little friends. A new year is upon us soon. Each year my friend Carey and I assign a name to our years instead of making resolutions (I always did love a theme). Then you make that year reflect what you want (by the way having a "Year of Abundance" and a "Year of Expansion" could result in a state of pregnancy. Just sayin'.) So 2011, which will begin with the birth of my second daughter will be the Year of Luxury. I can apply this to my dolls too. I am happy with the dolls I have and frankly I don't have room to fall in love with any more girls right now. Then I have to find her a boyfriend and make

As promised

Hello my friends! Okay so here are some shots of the caravan. Carmen reads the cards for a gypsy friend: Here's a view from the front. I finally bought some needed items last night, so I have no excuse anymore. I'm going to do the bumper, grill and housing for the lights in silver paint. I do need to get some of that. I bought some aluminum tape but I don't know if that will work. When I sprayed the caravan with lacquer I had some cracking in the paint but it might be kind of cool. Maybe I can do some aging on the bumper and stuff... I also tore out the carpeting. It was just sort of crooked and I was basically being picky. Glad I did because I relocated the stove to the shower stall. I'll be putting up some shelving and stuff in there. I made a clay oven but since I have basically never used clay before, it turned out to be a cracked mess the next day. Welp, I guess I'll try papier mache. I refuse to buy another one

Staying Put

Okay so now we're not moving. Such a long story that I'm not going to bother. I'm bummed that I don't get some additional space to make a big doll mess in, but otherwise I'm happy. I'm entirely too pregnant for all that moving around. Um, however, I'm totally nesting and getting in the "move" mood made me want to rearrange my house. But I can't do any heavy lifting so my husband had to do most of the tough stuff. Which lead me to whine (as he forced me to relax), "Man, nesting is not fair!" He, left to rearrange the laundry room on his own responded, "No, nesting is NOT fair!" But now the chi flow in the house is wonderful and it feels like a real home. But the doll room was sadly neglected. So I've been working on that. You see, it works okay but now little Iris (16 months) can reach into the dollhouses and ruin carefully constructed sushi dinners that my dolls are enjoying. I HAVE been doing some doll things, but I