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The Big Girls

You know guys, I've been thinking about 16 inch dolls for a while. I could just get a few, let's say two, a couple. Or maybe 5 so I can create a little drama. I could build sets only for them. I could build a collection from the bottom up without being tempted by the cheap easy allure of pink plastic. I could take my time. Or maybe just one and I could make clothes for her.  I dunno, I'm feeling tempted.  I'll start small, with a Tonner. I can't say I'm in love with much of it. But I've always found Tyler Wentworth/Esme very pretty, if soulless and snooty looking.  There's one called Deanna Denton who is lippy and beautiful . These dolls don't have much life when they pose. I wonder what their range of motion is really like. I took a look at Urban Vita but man those are some terrible paint jobs . (did you see that link? The hell?) Some clothes are nice but it's like the dolls were an afterthought. Jamie Show is nice, but pricey for a beginner.

New Blog

Dudes and Dudettes: Come follow my new blog if your heart is broken that I'm leaving you all or you want to see me fumble at more types of crafts or you're a Pinterest junkie or whatever: smooches, dani

No, Seriously This Time

You've heard this before: I'm going on a hiatus! But this time my friends, it will be much longer. The dolls and all their homes will be packed up, organized and stored. I have not told any doll people until now but the non doll folks are very unhappy at this news. Sometimes people think of your hobby as all of who you are.  When I stopped writing novels (because they were crap), I was depressed for a while. Having considered myself a writer since I was about 13, to be without it gave me no definition. Who was I? During the years that followed, I did all manner of crafty fun. And none of it satisfied like dolls. Creating the characters and worlds was a lot like writing. And when I did add writing to it, it was even better. But then came the kids. At first it was easy to balance, with them being so small and immobile and sleeping all the time. But now, they need me. My home needs me, my husband needs me, my total lack of style needs me (who wants style when someone's