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My First Momoko!

I didn't expect her until Thursday, but my Military Girl Momoko arrived!  She's adorable. But aren't they all?  I like the stand but it's a bit cumbersome. Plus she doesn't even need it.  I love that she comes with a tank top and panties. The suit will be going elsewhere. One day I'm going to have a customized Barbie airplane hanging from the ceiling of my fantasy doll room. So now the pilot has a nice outfit. By the way, please notice that I've added white contact paper to the kitchen walls. That jacked up butcher block will be dealt with soon.  It's yellow and blurry but I love this picture. Momokos have a great body.  Flexy ankles too.  Here she is with BFF Sooki, who pulling a Winehouse here. I was not prepared for the height difference, but it gives a little variety. My only complaint is that her face is pretty boring. They all look alike. Another complaint is the mouth. Her mouth looks really strange. Cartoonish. Well, too cartoonish. I

Suprise Poppy!

The Poppy Parker the hubs bought behind my back arrived yesterday! She was bought nude but SURPRISE, she came with the outfit! Oh please don't let the seller contact us! The earrings and shoes were gone and her hair looks a little to' up, and her joints are loosey goosey but she's really adorable.   She's giving me a real beatnik vibe. I decided to cancel my plans for an art room in the doll apartment building and gave it to her. She'll be an actress/college student. I've always liked the name Poppy but I think I'll be renaming her. Within moments, she and Rockabilly Legolas Ken were all over each other. So you know Miho's Eames bed? No? Well, you'll see more of it now. I had to give it to Poppy, so now I have a free room in the apartment house! My new Momoko will be moving in! More on that in a few days. Here is Poppy in the new kitchen I'm putting together. I was looking at doll homes on Flickr and I loved the way Blythe or Momoko owner

Mistress Ava

Here are some pics of my Ashton Drake Simi doll. I've named her Mistress Ava. She's a dominatrix and into the goth fetish lifestyle. I'll have a bio coming up in...who am I kidding? Months from now you might see one. Also here is Pop Life Barbie who is yet to be named. She's an exotic dancer, good friend and sometime lover to Mistress Ava. Her pet iguana, Loki.  Playing with focus here. That dang auto-focus! Took three shots to force focus on the hand. PS: See her right hand: this is an example of how hard it is to pose her. .  Still, sexy vixen:  I don't even mind the pink lips. smooches, dani

I'm a Jerk

So the Year of Luxury keeps on churning. I'm not working because the US won't give a mom a proper maternity leave. So we have little income now. That hasn't stopped me spending our savings and just hoping rent money would work itself out. That's what you have to do in the Year of Luxury. So anyway, our tax return came through way early. I went to Walmart, got some little do-dads like mini frames and fabric glue. But still, with money in the bank, I just itched for a new doll. I decided it was time for my first Momoko, but didn't mention it to my husband. Here he is spending money on getting new tires and bills and stuff. I'm so irresponsible. I go to our online bank and see there is some money that has been spent on Paypal. Grr, has he purchased more damn comic books? How dare he when I am basically out of work! The nerve! So I go into our ebay account to investigate. And you know what you guys? He secretly bought me a Poppy Parker! And for a bargain! I feel

My Surprise! Photo heavy.

Yay, she's here! I'm sad to say that I'm disappointed. Don't get me wrong. She's as gorgeous as I imagined and has a naughty sort of innocence that I hoped for but didn't expect. BUUUT: Take a look at the wings. Total hot glue mess. I can't even figure out how they attach to her. The cross on my coffin purse is totally scratched up: The spiked bracelets? Are you kidding? My Liv doll spiked bracelet is better: You know for the money, these boots should have been leather-like. Even the Pop Life girls have leatherish boots: Like I said, no idea how to work the stand. There's a half moon piece and a stick right? So I stick the crescent on the stick and this is what it looks like: And her two tops, a net black top and a red bustier have velcro closures! How dare you! A $150 doll? Oh and when you hold her by the lower leg, she pulls a Matrix: But still all in all, I love her and I'm glad I didn't wait for a nude figure to app

It's a Gas Man!

Okay I gave in. I had been reading around the blogs and forums and friggin' EVERYBODY has the Pop Life Barbies. Then I read Barbie Collector had them on sale! So I pounced. Only $24! I bought the blonde and the African American. I have never been interested in the red head, though I like red head dolls. I just kept thinking, "What on earth is that hair going to look like when I comb it out?" And her face mold is just the Steffie mold, right? Not too mod looking. And horrible jumpsuit. I've got to say, I loooove these bodies! What is Mattel thinking in not using them everywhere? They are firm, hold a pose well but feel sturdier than a Fashionista body. But they feel lighter than a Fashion Royalty or even a Dynamite Girl. And I have chairs for my new kitchen in progress. Hurrah. The African American is named Domninique Harrington, is the mother of African American Barbie Basics Ken, named Judah. She is the best friend of Josephine Baker, an editor at a fashion mag

Ken's Last Chance at Life as a Man

So when I give my doll a personality and a mate, I always try it on for size. Sometimes dolls just don't have chemistry. So before making the important step of repainting, maybe rerooting, possibly resculpting, I want to be sure I've given him a fair choice. Hey maybe he's just a girly looking dude who loves chicks. So I'm letting him spend some time with Carmen. Every picture I take in my house without a flash is yellow. Not just in the monstrous cedar room. What's up with that? White balance? Hmm, Carmen almost seems sympathetic. Her eyes are saying, "I support his choice, but I'll always love him..."  And he looks like "We'll always have shopping." Here's a good shot of the caravan so far. And the pet camel? Look I don't have a horse yet, okay? So I guess that's the clincher, Ken will soon be June. (For this awesome transgendered homeless kid on 20/20). Stay tuned for progress.

Just 'Coz: Cuteness Edition

I usually try to refrain from putting non doll pictures up here, but really who can resist a girl playing with her first Barbies (read: Mommy's unclothed rejects)? Just keep your hands off the pricey dolls, kid.


Okay I have no time for a real photoshoot, but I'm itching to talk about something doll related that isn't, "One of these days I'm going to build/buy/design blah blah." So forgive the quickly snapped, shots of my latest acquisitions: 1/6th (ish) camels. My mother gave me these. The leather one below was originally mine. I think I got it at a street fair in New York. I named him Jugdish in honor of the Seinfeld India episode. (Jerry's name in Hindi) The saddle on this one is falling apart but I like him best I think. As you can see in this shot, Jugdish suffered a knee injury and now has an incense burner under his hoof to stabilize him. So, there are a couple projects for me. This one was actually given to my daughter. He's the best one. He had a saddle too but I swiped it from her for my dominatrix to use. I was looking for 1/6th chickens for my gypsy girl, Carmen. I don't know why, but I think gypsies just need to have chickens. I scoured the int