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The Dive Bar Bathroom

I have been sick all week so forgive me if this post is hazy and devoid of humor. When I work on projects, I start 3 more before I finish one so I wondered if this would ever be completed. I still want to add some things. A hand dryer, a garbage can, more garbage on the floor and some scenic water in the beautiful toilet. This project was a lot of fun. I may try to do more gross things in the future. It takes less precision and yields better results than the "pretty" things I attempt. May I present to you: The Dive Bar Bathroom: Raven looks up at Sooki, "Man I'm gonna get  gonorrhea  from this nasty toilet." Sooki replies, "Well, that's the only way you'll get it, virgin." "Better than being a slut like you!" Raven retorts. Sookie giggles, "If you say so!" Penny writes anti-Hanna graffiti on the wall: Hmm, my urinal is too clean... Sooki dictates a supplement to the graffiti.  Here

Hanna's Up to No Good..Again

I finally got to take some shots last week when I had a few days off. Let me just say, Mademoiselle Marie is not easy to photograph. I don't know if her eyes reflect too much light but if she's not in a solo photo she's all blurry. Since she's Felix sister, I might as well give her brown eyes. In the meantime, I present to you, The Bachelor Party which features neither our favorite antagonist Hanna nor an actual Bachelor Party. What can I say, I had to seize the child free moments.

Fairy Lights

Just saw this on Pinterest and thought it might be of interest to you guys in your dio's. Not sure how much light it gives off but it could work in number of ways... They're individual fairy lights in little balls. I couldn't imagine using them in 1:1 life. How would you clean them up? Would they biodegrade or pollute your soil? Anyway, I prolly post a photostory tonight. smooches