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A Friggin' Photostory!!!

So much for my electronic protest! I actually have the bridal shower ready for you! Forgive the misspellings. Editing at this point would involve a game of musical computer chairs for which I just don't have the energy. Enjoy! (Click on the pic for the story)

Back to Boring

I really liked the new Blogger look but it's too much trouble for some people to actually read the goings on of Grandville so I'm keeping it simple. I'll be back to tweak with the design, so consider this place under construction. smooches

Electronic Burnout!

Ever just get sick of blogging? I never get sick of writing but doing photos, uploading them, explaining, organizing is just giving me a headache! Maybe it's just because I'm sick and I've just started a new job and my brain is just SPENT at the end of the day.  Or my home computers each have their own separate issues. Rest assured, my pretties, that I am still doing my thing. Nearly done with my airplane and researching the next big Grandville project (I'm keep my mouth shut this time). Dani will get married one of these days but I decided that Dani and Felix need a wedding present. A new house! Way to procrastinate, Human Dani! smooches, (human) dani

Mother Talzin

I love movies and books that create super detailed fictional worlds, but I've never been into Star Wars. It's such a GUY thing. Like the Lord of the Rings books. Snore. Princess Leia wasn't all that interesting to me and Padme is fine but neither one really kick butt. I've seen all six films at least 2-3 times and fall asleep every time.  I have to admit the Clone Wars animated movie/tv show is better. You get so into the beautiful art and meeting an Anakin that is flawed and round that you could really see him turning into Darth Vader. And finally, awesome females. But I still wasn't interested until Asajj Ventress. She's a Sith-ette and a formidable opponent. Humor me, I'm getting to my point. She's from a female dominant planet of witches (SOLD!) who keep men on the other side of the planet as chattle. ( Darth Maul was of this race of men.) I told the Hubs I needed an Monster High doll to make her into Ventress and he had secretly already

Strollin' Around Grandville

My mom had the kids for a full 24 hours so I got to spend hours on dolls! I have still avoided editing any bridal shower pics, so here's a little somethin' while you wait. Zinna strolls through Grandville park... On her way to her new office space right next to her house! (office still in progress).  Ian skates by, wishing he could have a girl like that.  Unnamed Sulu doll watches the record store while Ian's away.  Valentina and DJ Nadia get cozy. Morgan hangs out at Cafe Josephine with Penny and Sooki, telling an animated story about an ex-boyfriend. "See that's why I love Johnny. He's just not the cheating kind."    Collective eye roll from the table. Isha and Melody Lane take tea at the cafe. "Melody, it's been 2 years since the divorce. Stop dressing like a prude and embrace your sexuality again." "I know just the thing that can help..." Meanwhile, across town, the skanks get read

Photos and Stuff.

Hi guys, I think I'm finally going to work on a photo story. It's going to be a far cry from what it should be, like well thought out and plotted. But life keeps moving in Grandeville and you need to be up on all the gossip! So I'll be taking some time to work on touching up the pics and putting them in Comic Life. Meanwhile, I'm working on the airplane again. I gotta have it ready for the honeymoon. I SEWED slipcovers for the chairs. Looks pretty nuts but at least I tried. But here some photos to share because I love you. This is what some Grandvillians were doing after Dani's shower. "Dude it was this big!" [You'll get this joke later, I promise.]  Morgan tokin' on her bong. (Thanks to Caesar's Bluntman and Chronic action figures!) Zarrin checking her Facebook again. The saddest park bench ever. Even the chipped plant looks sympathetic. Penny sits on the saddest park bench ever.   Grandville Park. What

Power to the People!

Greetings my friends! I'm sorry I've been AWOL lately. My job is making it just impossible to slack off and hang out on the blogs. Selfish! In exchange for your forgiveness, I present to you my devilish idea. Well, I'll let Dani explain. "Hello Big Folk. My name is Dani Fear. You may not recognize me because my most merciful Goddess doesn't see fit to feature me very often. No matter because I am the bride and it's my time now."  "Almost as if I'm being punished, The Great One you all know as Dani, has taken it upon herself to ruin my most sacred day. And she bids you to help her. Awesome."  "We all know the dress is the only party of the wedding anyone cares about. Just like awards shows.  Now the power is in your hands, Giantesses. You will pick my wedding dress. I beg you not to fail me."  Dress 1: "This is the most hideous thing I've ever seen. Please tell me this is a gag dress."  Dress 2: "