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Poppy Returns to Grandville!

But first! A trip to visit my dad always yields something good. His workshop is full of little treasures. This time I asked for a tool box. He has dozens of those things but he happened to have a perfect one for me. Top level for tools and small items.  Middle section for adhesives and bulkier things used often.  The bottom for paint (I later added a bag of reroot tools and hair) This normally took up 4 clear shoe-box sized bins. Organi-zized! Okay now some shots of Poppy before I wrecked her bangs. (Sorry Cat , you knew it would happen!) I can't tell you how much I love Poppy now that Cat gave her a reroot and awesome bang. I've decided Poppy Parker's eyes are just too wide and it makes her look like a moron. But with longer hipster bangs, she has the perfect amount of sass! And she has a dark side. "I don't know if you remember me. I only lived in Grandville a short time. Before it was even called Grandville. I had what you might call

Save Us a Seat at the Wedding!

Phew! If there was every a group of people running in the church juuuust before the doors close, it's the folks in Grandville!  Now I'm not proud of these pics but my folks were desperate to get to this wedding so I had to do it as fast as I could! Aria and her date to be renamed. He had some fancy pants business name before I gave him a dread mohawk. More of him (and repainted lips) coming soon! Felix and the other Danielle getting hitched soon(ish).  "The hat's a bit much, don't you think? "Says the girl in the motorcycle jacket." Congratulations Danielle and Rod!

Iris's Froggy Stuff.

You guys are familiar with My Froggy Stuff , right?  I only just discovered her! What great ideas! I'm a big fan of using things around your house and this was right up my alley. What a great way for me to bond with the girls and selfishly indulge my 1/6th passion at the same time!  Iris cut that wallpaper herself. Very exciting for her.   Iris proudly showing her work: I thought the front could use some pizzazz so I took some thin carboard that came with a Barbie folding screen and cut it into strips to resemble flower stems. Then I had Iris color some flowers. I cut a little curtain shape out of scrapbook paper and there you go!     Isobel, however had other ideas on how to use this house. Next up, kid sized house and projects for me!  But first, I gotta find something to wear to Danielle and Rod's wedding! smooches, dani

Meeting the In-laws

Meeting the in-laws is never quite easy for us flesh humans and it's the same in Grandville... But first, an opening act: So I dress Morgan in this outfit. Then I hear this small voice going "Elmo? Elmo. Elmo!" I showed Isobel the doll to assure her it was not him, not even the right color but she persisted in mournful wails "Ewmo...ewmo...ewmo."  So I dressed a headless body in a pink fur, attempted to hand it to her and she ran screaming from the room. Oops. Bianca Boulanger, sister to Josephine and mother of Remi and Nikki has come to Grandville to meet her new grandson. "He's awfully light, are you sure he's Remi's son?"    Nikki: Mom! Bianca: What, I'm just saying the kid is light. Veronica: My father is Syrian. He looks like my grandmother Bianca: Mmm, convenient.   Veronica: I think we'll go now. He's been traumatized enough for one day. Nikki: Mom, what is wrong with you? Yo

Must be Vanity

Okay so I bought this monstrosity: Angelic Dreamz was having a big sale and she was only $30. I have debated with myself for ages about her. Looking on Flickr, there's just no hope for her. Her hair is a mess, her makeup is a tragedy, her eyes are upsetting. Buuuuut, I've really wanted an avatar doll for a while. Out of the dolls out there in the world, she is the only one that looks a little like me. This is what I look like: Okay so that is pre-kids, but I look basically the same. Less rested perhaps... The only other option is this doll that makes me break into tears when I look at her: Ahem, so I have an active imagination. I could look like her in an alternate universe...But not sure I could afford her if I could find her. She is absolute perfection to me. But that's As a black doll, you can be light skinned or dark skinned. You can have straight hair, or you can have "kinky" hair.  So Dayle is as close as I can get to "nat

Tumblin' Down

You know I've been in an electronic funk. I hardly comment on your blogs anymore. I hardly even have time to take pictures. But then yesterday something possessed me to post on Figurevore, where I hadn't in a long time. Suddenly, three new followers. Maybe that's why I had this surge of electronic excitement. So I joined Tumblr. I posted a bunch of pics that Vita Plastica readers have already seen but that blog will be for one or two shots of Grandvillians So here it is: smooches, dani

Mademoiselle Marie Returns to Grandville

Caution: Doll nudity. Oh my dears it has been a hellish couple of weeks in which the girls have entirely forgotten how to sleep. There is hardly any doll time these days. Still, I am working on a project to be revealed in a week or so. Always gotta keep those hands busy no matter how little time I have! Anywho, Mademoiselle Marie is back from getting an intensive hair transplant and face up from our own dear Cat from A Doll Affinity , who at this point I'm going to consider my personal re-rooter. As you saw on her blog, she did a fantastic job giving Marie dreadlocks. If you remember, poor Marie was frightful to look at. So I was all giddy to rebody her then the trouble began. Pour quoi Marie?! Sacre bleu! Mme. Marie has a soft fleshy chest plate that pops off. It's the same body as Ms. Fear but Fear's chest is hard. The fleshy chest must have somehow shrunk. Her head flopped around, it was a mess. I put her on Miss Fear's body (who now has a CZ girl body