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The Airplane and Other Big Projects

The Site:  Poor Vita Plastica, the website. It gets no love. Blogs are so immediate and changeable. But for that reason, I wanted to post more of the Dolly University assignments so if you're interested, you don't have to check some buried post.  While I was there, I reorganized some things, made a banner to go up. Looking pretty sweet so far. One of these days I really need to buy the domain name. I really hadn't had a reason until now. More on that later. But for now, go check out okay? Pan Em Air I really don't know if I can be done with this airplane by my due date (July 13th) but I did a fair amount of work on it this weekend. I have never done this before and I hope it won't come back to haunt me, but I took it all apart. I will get a better paint job this way I think. Of course, I have to be sure not to add too many layers of paint or it will never come back together. Lemme just tell you, GooGone is my new bestie. Now ev

Zee Plane Boss, Zee Plane!

Okay could not resist that dorky joke title. At long last my airplane arrived!!! It took like 10 days but it's finally here and I can get started on my Doll Vehicle Customization assignment . Some sort of monster hybrid of two boxes arrived and I heard a terrible rattle as I snatched it from the mail carrier's clutches. I began to open it and was not pleased at my findings. What you are seeing below are tiny accessories (including tiny ice cubes) that would have fallen out of the box if not for the box tape. I wonder what did manage to fall out... All the accessories were just dumped into the box! Horrors! Would it kill you to use a Ziploc? Hmm, but what is this? My first Silkie!! Have I mentioned I hate Silkies?  Still I always wanted to handle one, to feel the silky skin and as usual, get her naked and see what's she's got going on. She must have been a cheapie. No one would treat a fancy Silkstone Barbie so disrespectfully. Even me. What is with their

Last Day for Smidgehouse stuff

Hi guys! This is the last day to order from Smidge House ! The shop is closing for good at the end of the day. I'm pretty bummed that I made that promise to the Hubs that I wouldn't make any doll related purchases until he gets enough mula together for new equipment. Anyway, she has loads of new stuff up there like side tables and corkboards. So go buy a piece of history before she's gone!! Visit the Smidge House etsy shop . My airplane still isn't here so I'm already falling behind on my assignment. I think I'll spend the weekend making a little dollhouse for Iris because she keeps bringing her trashy undressed Barbies into my precious doll apartments and wrecking stuff. smooches, Dani

The Hubs' Missing Music

Well, I guess his Facebook note is not accessible to everyone like I thought. Thanks for trying! Well here is the enormous list. It's not exactly alphabetical but sort of. This is how he pulled the empty cases off his shelf and how I pulled them out of the box. So a little wonky... But here it is. Have a seat, this will take a minute! Any help would be much appreciated!!! Attica Blues-Test. Don’t test. Beck-Loser Best of House Music Volume 6 -Various Bombay Dub Orchestra Boneshakers, an Urban Groove Culture (Down to the Bone) -Various Martyn Bennett-Bothy Culture Kurtis Blow-The History of Rap-Various Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Michael Brook-Night Song Madness-One Step Beyond Filter-Elvis Never Meant Sh*t to Me-Various The Sugar Hill Records Story-Disc Two-Various Dhol Foundation-Big Drum: Small World Dubmission 2: The Remixes-Various Further East-Westercisms-Various Hip Hop Classics Volume Two-Various History of House Music Volume 1: Chicago Classics-Various Massive Attack-Mezzani

Help Replenish the Hubs' Music!

As you may have read, we were robbed of my husband's DJ equipment and many CDs. I'm compiling a list and hope to replenish the items that are the foundation of his work. Please take a look at his website for the list of lost CDs and let us know if you can donate any music. We'd be happy to send you CD-Rs or work out a nice music trade or something. Here are the lists. We're going to put them on his website as soon as we get the first batch of CDs in: List One List Two (let me know if there are any issues with these links) Just drop me an email at vitaplastica AT gmail DOT com to let me know what you can help us with. List three will be completed tonight. Thanks for your help and support! Danielle and The Hubs

The New Assignment-Revamp a Doll Vehicle

Well, blogger is down, so this gives me a bit of time to think about the next assignment.  I was feeling a bit torn. I have some things I need to accomplish outside of Dolly U. Like customizing some doll house stuff I bought to be used for one sixth scale. Cutting legs shorter on the dining room table I got to have it resemble a coffee table, making more houseplants out of the greenery I bought.  Some rebodying, general cleaning and organizing, creating the backs for my doll apartments.   So I’m going to take on a big project. Revamping that Barbie airplane. I’m giving myself two months. Yeah it's a long time but it's no small feat and the airplane hasn't even arrived yet.  But this project will be really involved, so I’m going to do several little projects in between. I bought that Harley Davidson couple with the idea of giving the guy body to one of my impatient doll heads. But it doesn’t look right for anyone. I really wanted it for my Edward Cullen Ken but he’s too da

Theft Can't Get Us Down!

Well, here's an update. About 60% of the music that was lost were downloaded or ripped from CD's that we do still have (so instead of lugging around a bunch of CDs just to play selected tracks), and thankfully those are still on our computers. So just a few hundred CDs to replace as well as the equipment. And anyway, he had been bidding on some stuff on ebay that he won after the theft, so we did have to luxuriate a bit more. Then I think he felt bad that I never got my Barbie airplane, so he scored one really cheap today. Hurray! I'm so not in the mindset for Dolly U right now, but if I was paying for it, I would still have to do it, so I'm not going to let this stop me. I've been reading the rerooting book by Donna Anne and I'm excited to get started on that but I can't afford the tools and hair yet, so, we'll see. Obviously the airplane will get a revamp but I hesitate to make it an assignment until I've done some research on mod 60's ai

Year of Luxury Grinds to a Screeching Halt

Bittersweet weekend. Bitter: We awoke Saturday morning to find that someone had stolen the Hubs' DJ equipment and about 2000 cds (in CD books). Totally devastating. There is back up equipment and loads more music, but the loss is huge. So I'm not going to buy another doll for the rest of the year. We're going to send out a list of music to our friends, hoping to find copies of what he lost. Then we're going to hold a benefit for equipment replacement. We're staying positive because what the heck else can you do and treated this as an opportunity to upgrade his equipment. Sweet: My Monsieur Z Fly Girl arrived really fast. She's frigging adorable. Somehow I managed not to take any pics of her. Sigh. But also, I finished my Dolly U project (click to enlarge): I ended up wrapping the trunk in black embroidery thread. I had intended to paint over it, then remove it, but the Hubs suggested I leave it. I painted over the whole thing with a lighter greyish beig

New Dolls! (UPDATED)

Like I could really concentrate on my studies when there's a Barbie Collector sale going on? But first, my Mother's Day Gift from the Hubs: So cute! I want all three of the flight attendant girls for my airplane project. I need the Re-ment in flight meals too. Meanwhile this lady is actually going to stay in the box for a while. Too many projects! Then I read a post over at Van's Doll Treasures about a sale at So I hopped over there and went totally bonkers. I got the Jonathan Adler pink couch. (yeah I have one, but it was $16.00!) All three Pop Life dolls. The deal was unbelieveable! And the Harley Davidson couple that I wanted but didn't want to pay big money for. Ends up being like $35. All for about $89!!! Best deals ever!!! But I saw another doll I want. I'm fairly sure the Hubs is going to throttle me in my sleep. Fear not, dear classmates, I did find a solution to my tree issue and I think it might turn out pretty awesomely. I s

Making Palms (and peeking at your paper for the answers)

Well I guess for now my grade is an I for incomplete. If you can recall, I was doing Party Dolly's Palm Tree Tutorial.   Okay so here we go with my RE-torial (yes, I make up words) Here is what I started with. Some big fake leaves, scissors, tape and wooden dowels (and my lazy model).  Then I snipped them like so. Then instead of hot gluing them to the dowels, I taped the little mini stem to the dowel. Now I can shift the leaves around so they can look at bit more natural. I then wrapped the dowel in blue tape. But the blue tape didn't have the adhesion I wanted so I switched to papier mache, which I am a big fan of. Really it's the same thing. Paper + glue.  So here are the supplies for the next leg of this project. Multicolored paints, elmer's glue plus water and strips of construction paper. I used a ruler to hold down the paper while I ripped it so I would get fairly even strips. Then I could create that criss crossing Party Dolly talked about. But that di