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Hello my dear 3 followers. Things are a bit chaotic right now. Looks like we'll be moving in the next couple of weeks so life will be all about packing and unpacking for a while. This time we'll be moving to a house that I already love (belongs to a friend), so I hope this is the last move for us. Like ever. I had that wedding in Miami and all the prep for it so I'm going on 3 weekends with no real doll work. I'm tired of doll crafts right now. I want to just dress them up and photograph. You know I took this photo the other day with my crappy camera: Not too bad right? Maybe I can learn to make nice photos with this camera after all... Until we meet again. smooches

Social Obligations Interfere

I had a friend over this weekend as well as a bridal shower to attend so I was not very productive. Which means I just built a desk and stained it, re-stained my bookshelf to match it, constructed several books and set up my dinner party. That's all. hee It was refreshing to do a little doll playing after my months of painting and constructing. As is usually the case, my dolls took over and totally changed the storyline. The dinner party was supposed to be a collection of artists from around doll town and there Josephine would meet her gypsy man. But it turned out to be a crowd of call girls and Johns, madams and gangsters. This is all very ordinary for Josephine. For a 104 year old with French sensibilities, she doesn't make a big deal of such things. But how did the gypsy show up? Okay so I'll take some pics, then throw another party with artists. In the meantime, as I mentioned in the comments on a previous post, Carmen the gypsy is too hot and independent to desi