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The Royal Family of Zolandia

My dear friends, I was cleaning up the doll room last night, feeling free to spend a week doing that instead of the many projects piling up.  Then I realized that my work is not done here. I can't leave you all without some royal closure. So off we go! Victoire:  I'm not accustomed to waiting. Emmanuelle: Well we certainly didn't want to give him advanced notice.   Tallulah and Victor stroll home from dinner. Victor: Someone needs to rid the sidewalks of the skateboards. Someone is going to break their neck. Tallulah: You're becoming quite the curmudgeon in your old age, sir. Victor: Oh dear. Tallulah: It seems they've found you at last. Tallulah:  Your Benevolent Highnesses Victoire: Ah, at least someone has some manners around here. Victoire: Unlike you, Brother. Victor: My darling sisters. How I've missed you. Emmanuelle: We've been so worried Victor. Victoire: Thank you for the tea, Ms. Wilde. But eh....

Au Revoir For Now

Hi folks, A quick post to let you know that I am quitting the blog.  Blogging is not my hobby, working on doll stuff is. How many hours are used in rushing through stories for the blog, taking pictures for the blog, posting, returning comments? I have a full time job, husband and two small children. There is just no time for it all. I need to be working on the projects, not just posting about them. I need to spend some of this online time learning new techniques, doing research, making new friends. Also, I'm feeling a need to decrease my online presence. I deleted my Tumblr and my Ipernity (I had to search my email just to remember the name of that site). However, I intend to increase my online presence in other places, including forums, my actual website and my beloved Facebook. Maybe I'll even try video stories. I don't usually enjoy watching them but Muff is changing my mind! From time to time, I may do a blog post to announce a story update or something but ot

Big Sister's in Town and a Lurve Connection?

Hiya folks, I'm still procrastinating on the royal story. Every time I play the scene in my head where Princess Victoire meets Dani, it keeps changing. I positively did not know how I wanted it to play out. Then I suddenly remembered why I wanted a castle in the first place. But I'm not giving it away yet. I'll just say this, Zolandia is not going to be the wholesome place I thought it would be. Anyway, did I tell you about the doll trade from the heavens? I'm sure I did, but I never photographed much of it, so check it out. (You'll see the rest by and by.) When I knew I was getting the A-frame cottage, I never thought this sucker would be so big. It was so good that I couldn't let Zolandia have it. This is gonna be the party house. I don't know if it will belong to anyone in particular. So much for my big Grandville Park but it fits here perfectly. It's so big, I got my whole Bratz (?) sushi bar up here with no problem and lots of space fo