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The Royal Family of Zolandia

My dear friends,

I was cleaning up the doll room last night, feeling free to spend a week doing that instead of the many projects piling up.  Then I realized that my work is not done here. I can't leave you all without some royal closure. So off we go!

Victoire:  I'm not accustomed to waiting.
Emmanuelle: Well we certainly didn't want to give him advanced notice.  

Tallulah and Victor stroll home from dinner.

Victor: Someone needs to rid the sidewalks of the skateboards. Someone is going to break their neck.
Tallulah: You're becoming quite the curmudgeon in your old age, sir.

Victor: Oh dear.
Tallulah: It seems they've found you at last.

Tallulah:  Your Benevolent Highnesses
Victoire: Ah, at least someone has some manners around here.

Victoire: Unlike you, Brother.
Victor: My darling sisters. How I've missed you.
Emmanuelle: We've been so worried Victor.

Victoire: Thank you for the tea, Ms. Wilde. But eh....

Victoire clears her throat and gestures.

Victor: She is not going to pour for you Victoire, this isn't Zolandia.


Victoire: There, that's better. When will we meet the heir?

Victor: I will have her come join us. She doesn't live far.

Victor: Your Benevolent Highness, Princess Victoire, may I present Danielle Fear.
Victoire: Something must be done about that name. She will take the family name, will she not?  Yes, 'de Trepangier' will suit you well.

Victoire: Come, child, sit beside your auntie. No need for those formalities. It's just us.

Victoire: Well! Let us look at at you.

Victoire: I didn't expect this. You are rather like me, are you not? I was expecting you to look like her. You will do nicely. Look at that Zolandian bone structure.

Emmanuelle: Look at this glossy Chinese hair.
Dani: Japanese actually.
Emmanuelle: Yes, of course.

Victoire: Now tell me about Hanna Gudmundsdottir.

Dani: She's ruined my life. Many times over.

Dani: She has taken everything from me.

Emmanuelle: Don't be silly my dear, you will be Queen of Zolandia one day. You have a rather large and powerful family. She can do nothing to harm you again.

Victoire: We take the protection of the family name very seriously. At this moment our team is busy at work investigating your past and erasing any...unpleasantness. But Ms. Gudmundsdottir will not give up, I imagine. We must prepare for her.

Victor: I knew you'd like her!
Victoire: I take the family and the fate of Zolandia very seriously, unlike yourself. It's a wonder that you are my twin when we are as different as can be!  Danielle will return with us at once.

On the way out, Victoire whispers, "Did you tell her? About Zolandia?"
"Don't be ridiculous. Superstitious townsfolk, that's all that is."

"Don't be a fool Brother. You've seen enough in your day. How can you abandon her?"

"I will guide her, Victoire. As will you. I have vowed a year in her service. But no more. You will leave me in peace."
"Ah and what of Zolandia? What peace will we have?"

I'll miss you guys!!!


  1. What a way to go out! Thanks you for taking the time to put this together for us!

  2. I LOVED it! I will miss your blog and more so your hilarious comments. Take care.

  3. Yay! Thanks for tying up these loose ends. I love these characters. Take care. Missing you already.

  4. Nice to know that Dani will have support from her new family. Curious about Zolandia, but willing to wait for any follow-ups.

    Thanks for this additional storytelling ;-)

  5. Heyyy, how did I miss this post? Begging and holding on to your leg...please, please dot leave us!! Am I too late????? :-/

  6. Don't fret Grandmommy. I'll probably be back...


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