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I Don't Want to Do This

Sigh. I don't know if you can tell by my posts, but I'm a very open person. I don't have secrets. I don't believe in them. You take away power from a person or thing when you are open and vulnerable. But enough about all my BS that's about to come to naught when faced with the horrors of revealing my mess to you. A few people did not want to post tours of their doll areas. Hey, we all have the right to privacy. Something so personal adds another (sometimes unwanted) dimension to your blogging, to your doll world. And I was sooooo confident I was going to show all ya'll my messy room and stand proudly behind it. And the few who don't want anything to do with this project just gave me confidence. Maybe we all have messy doll spaces? No one will judge me. Still, reviewing the video, I am nervous. Listen, it's messy okay? I'm a sloppy but clean person. So the only little creatures that may pop up are Iris and Isobel (human children). And

Tour of Your Doll World

I had an idea. Vanessa from Van's Doll Treasures suggested that I do a video of my house move/doll reorganization project. Okay I'm not a Christian or a housewife but I am a sucker for super conservative Christian stay at home mommy blogs! The ones that bake their own bread and make kefir and home school their kids? Love them! Here's an example. This is Candy . Poor thing is always disappearing from the blogosphere because she gets really harassed and stalked. Her perfection really pisses people off. Her insane organization and natural cleaning products have changed my household for life. Anyway if you look on the left frame she encourages the other Christian Homemaker bloggers to do a tour of their homes. I'm come from a tribe of home-lookers. We want to view homes even if we're not looking for a home. We're dreamers. So I love this feature. So what if we do this? Not our homes but our doll spaces. Would you guys join me? The house is not defi

A Hiatus, Sort of

My dear faithful followers *I stand poised at my grand balcony, doing my best Eva Peron wave* Vita Plastica is going on hiatus! We found a lovely (1:1) house and I've got to pack up all my little friends and their homes. We're moving on to something bigger and better so just you wait and see what Grandville will have to offer. (Mostly to me, but it will offer stuff to you too!) When I was in 8th grade, I went with my aunt to buy some wine (I stayed in the car) and I saw my French teacher, no doubt buying some excellent vintage. I was stunned. Sure I know teachers are people. But some part of me was shaken to see her outside of school. Like, she exists outside of the school compartment of my brain? Anyway that's how I feel whenever you guys have a non-doll post. Like, they exist outside of doll world? In fact, the 3 year old in me wonders if you all are not made of vinyl and resin. And here I am being a real flesh person. But this hiatus is only about doll relat

Ms. Fear's New Hair

Presenting: My second reroot! Considerably easier and faster than the last. I'm already working on my next. Ms. Fear's new hair! Sexy, right? I still have  to style her. A little trim, a thatched part and maybe I'll give her bangs again. Homegirl has a fivehead. Yeah so in an excited fit of acetone removal, I took off most of her blue shadow but also an bit of her eyebrows. Sorry Atsumi! They'll be back and even better. I just want to keep that angry angle. So I have to reroot my Poppy Parker, Miss Fear's Mom and Sugar (decided against dreadlocks for her. Just going to have big wild mohair hair. The locks will be another doll's head.) But in between all these reroots, Dani and Felix get a home renovation! Before: Now:   I can't wait to get to work on this. I'm still glued to HGTV but I'm thinking of a neutral color for the downstairs since it's all open now. Maybe a gray. Or maybe that blue I have upstairs. Adding crown molding,

My Goodies!

It was a very successful mail weekend for me. Here are some pics, but first: Okay so year of luxury is coming to a close. The new year will begin October 31st. I wanted it to be called like Year of Thrift or similar, but it's better to have positive associations, so it might be the Year of Making Money or something. Anyway it's all about saving for a house. But what of my doll collecting? Well, next year will focus on photography, interior decor, doll customization and the like. I WILL resist new dolls. I was talking to my boss about this. She is a cake maker, you know the Ace of Cakes type that makes your cake look like a purse or whatever. To make sure she doesn't have a massive cake accessories binge, she buys herself a gift card. And that is her budget for the month or whatever. I think this is a great idea. So I'll put some money on a gift card and it might be 4 Barbies or one Fashion Royalty but when it's gone, it's gone. Until then, let us enjoy the

Dolls: Our Favorite Drug

I'm feeling really weird lately. Like overly giddy and tummy full of butterflies. I'm talking too much. I have endless energy one minute, then I get so sleepy I can't keep my eyes open. I feel like I'm in love. Or I'm on drugs. I have to stop myself sometimes and remember why I'm so excited. It's because doll things are in the mail! Every day, walking home from the bus (I hate driving, and only do it in emergencies), I am full of hope and anxiety. Fridays are the worst. I'm still in my routine and if I don't get my doll package today I'm sure I won't get it until the following week. Yes I know there's Saturday but I'm usually too preoccupied with dolls and kiddies to stalk the mail carrier. If something arrives, it's a wonderful surprise. Things have been tough for dolls at home. I have received three items in the mail and they haven't gotten any attention because of certain tiny females who have the nerve to want to like ea

Fairly Useless Weekend but Long Post!

Have a seat, this will take a while. Well, it was not an entirely useless weekend, just full of false starts. I did get two packages on Saturday, one with doll hair in silver, brown and black, a little chalk for blush, bottle of sealant, one of acetone and two common colors to be used in my face-ups, brown and black. And from etsy, a couch I had been daydreaming about for a couple of weeks. This one belongs to Felix and Dani. All the couch cushions come off! Love it! I also had the creators work on a custom coffee table for me. Great prices and really great to work with. Check out their stuff! Now I have to decorate Felix and Dani's living room around it. Hell, I'll redo the whole house. I decided to attempt the dreadlocks that Corset Kitten was kind enough to write a tutorial abou t. Yeah, okay so problem #1 that I decided to ignore: I don't have wool roving. But I thought, hey mohair is wool right, so I'm sure it's the same thing. Um, no. So I'm u