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The Castle is done!

Ah, finally. Now I can obsess over 100 more projects.  First, here is my Hot Wax and Heroes makeover.(You know I couldn't have just one project right? Gotta do something while the paint is drying.) I got the listening station at Big Lots. I'm pretty sure I saw one of you guys with it. Decided to keep it green. Hey, it ain't pink. This is upstairs, formerly DJ Nadia's apartment. Club Population is up permanently in the new Grandville so she'll be stationed there.  Added some small painted dowels to the shelf in there. Soon I'll stock it with comic books. Here's the exterior. Hmm, now I think I have to move that shelf a bit. Totally blocking the fake door. Oh dear someone's getting their head punched off in the foreground there.   Here is how it sits in Grandville, next to Remi and Bailey's house and what currently is Tallulah's house, but will soon be Mistress Ava's again. As well as Claire and Pia. Keeping this all

Introducing Claire! And Royal Story Gets Moving

It has been forever! I have been hard at work on the castle. Nearly done now. We have a lot of business to cover and I'm sick and exhausted, so let's get started. I made some fantastic trades and purchases last week. A few dresses and one of my Holy Grail dolls, London Mist Imogen. Now she is Claire Templeton, a Grandville import from London, 1958, who later moved to New York to get involved in the pop art scene there.Think of her as a beatnik/early mod. She listens to (50's and 60's era) jazz, ska, r&b, and experimental rock and roll. Edie Sedgwick without the pedigree. Twiggy without the purity. Claire is one of those girls who never has a job but always seems to manage her rent. She is an artist's muse, a writer, an actress and always surrounds herself with interesting people. A party girl, prone to excess but otherwise clear-headed and tough. Her bone structure kills me. This body. It's like Dynamite Girl upstairs, leggy FR girl on the botto

A Change of Scenery

Hello my friends, So glad it's September. August was just horrible and I'm hoping to move on to more positive things on the horizon. I don't believe in pity parties or letting anything get you down.  So eff you August, we're moving on up. So as I develop the royal family drama, it's becoming clear the Zolandia is becoming more important, so I rearranged the doll room (and a half) again. It's a sickness. But I'm very pleased. Okay the new new Grandville, going counter clockwise around the room: I made a little closet but it's taking up valuable space for no good reason. Here is where the workshop starts, with drawers for clothes and shelves for all sortsa bins and what not.  Here's the worktable and beside it where endless junk will accumulate hoping to be doll stuff one day. Here is Zolandia. I was looking for the Barbie Diamond Castle forever and the prices are insane, but I found this one pretty cheap. The dome at the top