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Introducing Claire! And Royal Story Gets Moving

It has been forever! I have been hard at work on the castle. Nearly done now. We have a lot of business to cover and I'm sick and exhausted, so let's get started.

I made some fantastic trades and purchases last week. A few dresses and one of my Holy Grail dolls, London Mist Imogen.

Now she is Claire Templeton, a Grandville import from London, 1958, who later moved to New York to get involved in the pop art scene there.Think of her as a beatnik/early mod. She listens to (50's and 60's era) jazz, ska, r&b, and experimental rock and roll. Edie Sedgwick without the pedigree. Twiggy without the purity.

Claire is one of those girls who never has a job but always seems to manage her rent. She is an artist's muse, a writer, an actress and always surrounds herself with interesting people. A party girl, prone to excess but otherwise clear-headed and tough.

Her bone structure kills me.

This body. It's like Dynamite Girl upstairs, leggy FR girl on the bottom. I think she and Carmen the gypsy might switch. She doesn't fit any of the pantyhose. And the mini dresses look obscene.

I adore her in these goggles. I'm going to have to customize the helmet for her, I think.

I'm not sure of her romantic tastes just yet but I think she'll hang out with Zarrin and Pia. Like you remember who these people are. Whatever, you'll see. Loving this girl!

Now don't be mad but I'm totally fast forwarding through the royal story. I've been working on this dang castle forever . I've been putting the progress on Facebook but maybe I should put it here. Later later.

So here are some quickies to move the story forward:

King [Okay I know he was a prince before but I'm changing this so just humor me.] Ahem. His Royal Highness King Victor meets with Dani and makes her an offer of a lifetime.

"This is why I made sure you had the finest education. Lessons in etiquette and royal protocol. I selected many of your professors myself. You can do this."

"Could I? Queen?"

"It's not all glamour. It's all rather dull. Routine, tradition. Lunches and dinners and meetings. And little power....And you can never marry Felix."

"If you chose the crown, choose your country, I will help you through this. I won't be far and I will make sure you have allies loyal to me at court."
"I will do it Your Highness. Father."

Meanwhile, Hanna writes her poison pen letter. 

"To Your Royal Highness Princess Victoire of Zolandia."

In a quiet castle in Zolandia...

"Oh! Oh dear."
"Well that doesn't sound good at all. Tell me we are still going to the Rothchilds' garden party. I am so looking forward to it," gabs Emmanuelle, the youngest royal sibling.

"Thank you, Mrs. Blackchurch, that will do. And have them prepare the jet for travel."

 "My dearest sister, I'm afraid we will be missing the Rothchilds this afternoon."

"You and I must board a flight to a place called 'Grandville' at once."
"Whatever for?"

"To meet the new heir."

Okay off to bed for me. So there is your castle teaser. And finally I can get these girls to Grandville.



  1. Castles, heirs, and Hana, oh my! Glad to see Hana up to her old trouble-making ways, and the castle looks so detailed and impressive so far.

  2. Congrats on Imogen. I am envious - she's one of my grails too. :D

  3. Wow! Your grail is awesome! Only you could turn that pink and purple mess in a real castle, really impressive!


  4. Nice photos and dolls, great job, i see you.:-)

  5. Aren't they the elegant ladies! Claire is just plain smug! lol

  6. Hello from Spain: the outfits for your dolls are very stylish. They are precious. I like the picture of the doll on the bike. A castle full of luxury and wealth. . Keep in touch

  7. WOW! The castle is even more impressive than I imagined it would be. <3 And Claire looks right at home now. So happy someone is getting good use out of her. I'll be pacing and waiting for the next installment! :)

    1. I placed her in a room with Hanna and they are eyeing each other strangely. Allies or enemies? Hmmm.

    2. Both?! This is gonna get really interesting.... ;)

  8. The castle looks great! I love your storyline. Looking forward to more.

  9. The castle looks great. Fun to see the royal siblings and wonder how they will react to Dani (and vice versa).

    Hanna up to trouble ... uh oh. Well, it'll be fun to see the fall-out ;-D

  10. Love your new Imogen! She is wearing those googles. Great job on the castle, and both the ladies are looking quite lovely.


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