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The Castle is done!

Ah, finally. Now I can obsess over 100 more projects. 

First, here is my Hot Wax and Heroes makeover.(You know I couldn't have just one project right? Gotta do something while the paint is drying.) I got the listening station at Big Lots. I'm pretty sure I saw one of you guys with it. Decided to keep it green. Hey, it ain't pink. This is upstairs, formerly DJ Nadia's apartment. Club Population is up permanently in the new Grandville so she'll be stationed there.

 Added some small painted dowels to the shelf in there. Soon I'll stock it with comic books.

Here's the exterior. Hmm, now I think I have to move that shelf a bit. Totally blocking the fake door. Oh dear someone's getting their head punched off in the foreground there.

Here is how it sits in Grandville, next to Remi and Bailey's house and what currently is Tallulah's house, but will soon be Mistress Ava's again. As well as Claire and Pia. Keeping this all straight? There will be a test later.

Ready to see the castle? Not yet? Okay. Here are some doodads I ooak'd. If you've liked me on Facebook, you've seen this already. The Fashion Fever (right?) screen and MH cart. Very cute when you're not dealing with the bombardment of spooky imagery.

Here is the MH bench from that set. Scaris or something? Like scary Paris. Get it? Get it? Ugh. I sprayed this with stone spray paint. Hideously toxic. I do not recommend. But it made all the spiders and skulls less obvious.

When we cleaned out our office we found this Christmas ornament. I painted it brown then gave sort of a gold wash.

Yeah, so I saw this fountain tutorial on Doll Divas and I gave it a shot. Hmm. In the future I'd use thinner strips of the transparency sheet I used. I'll get around to fixing it one of these days.

Another work find. An old lamp and a nightlight from Walmart. In hindsight, I should have covered the back of the folding screen with the orange fabric too. The angles that I can film are limited.

 Okay okay, I know what you came for. Here she was before. I removed the upper level which the girls fell in love with because it plays an annoying tune and has colored lights.The whole thing had a nice glow to it really, but not for grown up doll play.

 Because I haven't given you a shot of these clowns in a while:

The interior before, working out a flooring situation.

Et voila!

My front door. I took many risks with it and failed a little, then won I think. Very Lord of the Rings.


 Upstairs. I got these gold light fixtures from a dollhouse store like 3 years ago.

I'm bummed that my little balcony thing (from Fashion Fever house?) is kind of wonky on one side. We'll just pretend it's been there 400 years and we can cut it a little slack.

I build a little floor of foam core and braced it with little 1/4 circles of more foam core. Victoire can stand here and give little speeches.

"Don't cry for me Zo-lan-DEE-ah!"


  1. That listening center is more than cool! I like MH stuff, but they usually need just what you have done. Those two little "clowns" are gorgeous and giggly! So adorable!
    I have a similar building. Now thinking of taking it apart as you did. hmmm

  2. Cool. The Duke of Swann likes how Zolandia is developing.

    1. Thanks Duke, your opinion is truly important here!

  3. Your daughters are beautiful, I love the castle great job!

  4. BEEAA_UTIFUL! The project and your daughters. I am so impressed. I too have a couple of projects collecting dust in the garage so I am inspired to start this weekend! How many coats of paint did it take you to cover the clear plastic and do you use primer?

    1. Hmm, can't remember the numbers of coats, but easily 3 cans of krylon for plastic in white. Then watered-down gray acrylic paint sloshed on and wiped with a paper towel.

  5. Me encantan los accesorios, que buen trabajo has hecho con el castillo. Hasta pronto.

  6. Congrats! It all looks great! Love the castle and the girls! I looked listening center at BL but I have too much stuff already and I want another vehicle that I don't have space for. I love your set up. I need a place to set up and display. I am a little limited with using the ironing board. LOL! I have a ton of things to repaint that I haven't got to. Seeing this is good for me. It has given me ideas. All I need now it the time and energy.

    1. Thanks Ms. Leo! Tell me about it! Every time I end a project, three more pop up in its place!

  7. Great job on that castle! That door is bangin'. lol. Nice to see a new picture of your beautiful girls. Your little one has gotten bigger. I have that green music center and it's still in the package. One day. I'm looking forward to seeing the castle decorated.

    1. Thanks Vanessa. I'm thinking of adding a wall (to be covered in fabric) just to make photographing easier...

  8. Hey Dani! I've been stalking your page and reading every post. I love the castle, it looks amazing and Hot Wax & Heros set up looks awesome as well. I never did see that listening center at my local Big Lots.:( it's a nice find.

    The girls are getting so big and are as beautiful ans ever. They get it from their momma ;) Looking forward to more posts!

  9. Oh, your daughters look adorable. Nice to have little helpers and admirers, hmm?

    Thanks for sharing the how tos and where to find the tutorial for the fountain. I love that harp - now that's a noble instrument, totally fit for a castle. Love how your re-paint jobs makes everything fresh and realistic. The before and after photos are inspiring.

    Had to laugh seeing that poor person getting her(?) head punched off. The puncher must have visited East Philly; we have similar
    casualties here ;-)


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