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New Things Happening in Grandville

Man, I did a whole photostory in Comic Life, then my computer froze up on me and I lost everything. But soon, my pretties. I took today off and though I haven't done much doll work lately, the kids were at pre-school and I was drawn to the doll room. So I changed some things up. First up is the used record and comic book shop, Hot Wax and Heroes. I made the sign, changed it up inside and put store hours and stuff on the door. I had an "Open" sign but I have no idea where it is. I ended up using velcro to attach the storefront to the "building", so I'm not going to fret that it's totally crooked in these shots. Damn door handle fell off. To the glue gun!  Not sure about the seating area beside it but I wanted a place for Remi to do some graffiti and maybe for poor Ian to take a break. Next is a mock up of an idea I'm playing with. I want to make Grandville better to look at when you walk in the room and that means storefronts and home exterio

Just a quickie

Hey guys and gals, This isn't going to be much of a post, but wanted to share a few pics. Nymeria's sister is basically done, I just have to work on a backdrop and I'll introduce her. I wanted to show you what the storefront that took me forever to complete. I did a lot of experimenting, ran into numerous problems but I'm happy with the result and I know much better ways to complete it now. So it's made out of polystyrene foam. I should have just carved the brick into the foam but I had this wacky idea to do papier mache over it, then I didn't like the stripey texture of my paper strips, so I went over it with  this wood filler I had laying around. Then painted and painted again. I must have made 4 doors until I had something I could work with. I just have to make my store sign and it's done. Maybe some flyers for the window. And some method of attaching it. Maybe velcro? I don't want it to be permanent. Also, my niece just went off to colle

Dolly University: Where Are We Now?

It's been almost a year and a half since I first posted about Dolly University .  Today, the most satisfying part of doll collection are the projects.  But I did have a list of assignments. Here's what I basically completed.  Reroot 3 dolls using 3 different methods: Well, really if you find a good method, just stick with it. I made a reroot tool that ripped through a perfectly good Barbie head. Sorry Sugar . And I'll be damned if I ever do the needle and thread method. The knot method served me well enough. I did do a third (a Skipper doll) but I'm holding her character's introduction for a while. Think she might be a hippie chick. Anyway, assignment completed! Style and cut each in 3 different ways: Okay so left all of them long, uncut and basically un-parted. But I did style others. Cutting is not my best skill, but that will come in time with more practice. Create  anything, furniture, props, room, whatever using only what

Sewing Reluctance

You. Why do I loathe you so? You were my mother's best friend and her mother before her.  Your song was the lullaby of my youth, the soundtrack of my early life. You were my nursemaid, clothing me and my sister for years. My feet were pincushions as you littered the floor with little child-traps.  Every formal dress, Halloween costume were your domain.  You were a second income for a single mother, a sole income for a grandmother. You made my sister's wedding dress, my cousin's. Entire bridal parties were dressed by you. You make prom dresses for my niece now. You only grow in your strength along with my mother's talents. You're like a maiden auntie, always next to my mother, always on her mind. My niece's wedding dress. This links to my mom's Sew Much For You FB page. Yet I deny you. You are my birthright, yet I feel nothing for you. You require precision, order, space. I prefer to wallow in the mess of paint and paper, the smells of chemica

The Most Popular Girls in School

Oh my god, have you guys seen this? I have to say this is some of the best doll video work I have ever seen. The stories are hilarious and has so many grains of truth about high school. I'm working on a high school myself (by "working" I mean planning and sketching, gathering materials and ideas and waiting for Isobel to outgrown that changing table), so it's very inspiring. It will not be everyone's cup of tea. It is rife with profanities and very adult subjects. But man, if you need a laugh, this is it. There are 8 episodes and a new one every Tuesday. Enjoy. (If my imbedded video doesn't work, Episode 1 is here. )

The Alurium Vaccarra 2.0

As much fun as I had creating the Alurium Vaccarra , I was really unsatisfied with it. Poster board covered in contact paper does not make a sturdy ship. It sat in the doll room closet with it's equally ignored friend, the lighthouse . So when I saw this piece of Styrofoam at work, I was inspired and set to work. It was a nice quick project since I didn't alter it too much and already had the little props together.   "Zzzzzz." "Oh, hello there humans, I didn't hear you come in. Welcome to my new ship. It's much more aerodynamic." "I'm sure you remember the Stone of Amaranth. Aboard the AV2, she's given a place of honor at the front of the ship. She now powers, navigates and pilots the ship. The wire headpiece that I used to wear is how she communicates with the AV2." "The development of the Stone's power will make the stakes even higher when my flesh human deems me worthy to tell my photostory.&