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Riot in Grandville! An Ode to Cat.

Oooh my friends I did some good work this weekend! The boutique is almost ready to go, the wall art is up in the cafe and okay the third wall is a warped monstrosity but I still feel very accomplished. I repainted Mama Fear's eyes, Ms. Fear's and Miho's as well.  It's easy when you are using one color and not highlight it at all. But some of the Fear ladies need cold dead eyes with little feeling. And some...have just seen too much. I had a baby shower to attend and last minute Christmas shopping so my time was fairly limited. Plus I spent a bazillion years setting up the scene below. I got home to a wonderful surprise on Friday. I package for ME! Did I order something I forgot about? Don't you love when that happens? But no, it was a present from my friend and yours, Cat from A Doll Affinity.  Then the girls (the plastic ones) got word of the new merchandise and things got a little violent: Dani and her Step Auntie Zarrin (who is two years younger) do battl

Give in to Tempation!

You know, I have to confess, looking at doll stuff to buy gets me a little...aroused? High? I'm not sure how to describe it. Maybe euphoric. So when I hear that Smidgehouse is open again, I flip out a little. Then I realize, wow, it's almost Christmas and I cannot afford an unarticulated blonde big headed Barbie much less a piece of irresistible Smidgehouse furniture. I was shaking like a crackhead. I had to have this. But how?  I called The Hubs. I described it and he said, "Cool, maybe I'll get it for you on our anniversary." What? That's in February! All her stuff could be sold out and I would have to live a desolate life without the love and comfort of this beautiful sofa. Why couldn't the hubs just tell me to spend the bill money on it? Useless! I tried to think. Do I have secret stashes of money? I usually do somewhere but couldn't think of anything! Then I remember a certain older chap who had some (likely brief) part in creating the fet

What I've been up to. Long post, mucha fotos!

Do you ever have a project that just goes wrong at every turn and at the end, just when you think it's okay, it's actually crap and you want to jump up and down and scream and smash the dang thing into a ball? No? Just me? I present to you, the outdoor areas. Sidewalks. All in all, I like the paint job. Maybe I went a little overboard with the flocking in the cracks.  The one in front of the record store is the only one that came out the way I wanted. Those white spots are that gummy stuff you use to hang posters. I plan on blackening them to look like discarded gum. The sidewalk in front of Josephine's. There behind the chair, you get a sneak peek of the beautiful beaded jewelry sent to by my Alrunia. I've been meaning to show it, but decided to save it for the opening of my accessory shop. The sidewalks here should have been cut out a bit at the corners to account for the type of shelf I used. Instead, they are elevated using some foam pieces for now.