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Destiny, Thy Name is Grandville

Okay I promise no more random thought blog posts. But I am a big believer in destiny and signs so I'm sharing this one. And no one on my human Facebook cares. And I don't post to my doll FB like I should. I was looking in the various Grandvilles for signage (thanks Corset Kitten ) when I came across Cons-la-Grandville, France which is near the borders with Belgium and Germany. Signs: 1. The town is situated around a chateau, just like Foix, which I mentioned here last time I was looking for a name. 2. It is located in the Lorraine region where my job (Georgia Tech) has a sister school. 3. It is very close to a more urban area called Nancy, which is my sister's name. Okay maybe I'm reaching but to me this clearly means we picked the right name. Good job, readers! Here is the Chateau de Cons-la-Grandville .

Opportunity Dismembers But Once

I just had a thought. In the tutorial I found, in order to make a centaur, I have to pop a leg off a doll. Therefore the Simi body was just telling me it wants to be a horse creature. Honestly I don't think I'd give up a posable body for a rarely used fantasy creature, so this is a blessing. I'm already bidding on horses. I have issues. smooches, dani

My First Reroot

Okay technically speaking I never actually announced that this was an assignment. So I'm sorry if any of you were following along. I guess I figured since I totally avoided my vehicle assignment, I might as well do something else productive. So I'll put the details on my site I think by now you're familiar with June, my transsexual. She finally got her reroot completed. I even thatched a new part in her hair. Though, really, I should have painted her head first. Okay not the most awesome reroot I've ever seen but for a my first time, I'm pretty happy. BUT, despite myself, ever since I cut those brunette hanks off, June has been giving me a total straight guy vibe. The Hubs says it's the Harley body. Sorry June, you're not allowed to throw off my story line again. So I pierced her ears. Now I feel better. Dang, this gal needs some clothes! Even Ms. Fear's old top is insufficient. But Dusty 's pants work

I Heart Mistress Ava

So I set up a club scene. Sometimes I have to set up a scene for me to solidify what is happening in my doll lives, even if I don't make it into a photostory. This scene was supposed to set up how Sooki met Johnny Tan, who is the hottest new resident of Grandville. Skater boy, goes to the local art school. His face is painfully realistic.  Never thought I'd be a fan of molded hair, but he's got a cool style. PS: I've been meaning to talk to you about Sookie's eyelashes. I can barely get a shot of her, they're so thick and low hanging. I thought I already tried it with her, but I'm going to use boiling water to try to lift them a bit. If not, they're getting yanked. But, you know you put the kids in a room together and all kinds of stuff starts happening. More on that in a minute. Yesterday the set of handcuffs I ordered for Mistress Ava arrived, so I couldn't resist a picture of her with them. Bear in mind, this is something like Aragorn'

Tragedy Strikes Grandville (doll nudity)

Grandville. What do you think? I've been thinking about a name for my town for ages and I didn't like anything. I didn't want to make it too serious or two jokey joke. My mom is obsessed with and an ancestor of mine was named Grandville Philantrope. They had some seriously crazy names back then. Another ancestor is Sephora Severe. Very Potteresque. Anyway, the name Grandville always tickled me. Sounds like a piano. And I guess the joke that "grand" means big in French and that the folks of Grandville are small.... And Grandville can be French or when pronounced incorrectly, it can also sound like small town America. I think it's a keeper. Anyway, TRAGEDY STRIKES GRANDVILLE ! Mistress Ava, local fetish worker and newcomer to Grandville was away at the Cooktop Spa to get her horns removed. She was having a dip in the Bubbling Hot Springs when TRAGEDY STRUCK! Damn you Ashton Drake!! This incident has really showed me the inferior quality


It's a low day in doll land. I didn't win my Radiant Child Remi. I was so close and at the last minute, no, at the 5 second mark, bids flew in like crazy. I hate when sellers do that, then you see it relisted in a day or so. Well he's cute, but I'm not paying over $100 for a doll. Not ever. Well maybe when the kids are older and I can justify that noise. Then I was about to buy the Moxie Girlz Magic Snow Cabin but I searched for pics and found this: Okay, considering Moxie Girls are what, 14 inches, it looks like MGA just repacked all the Bratz stuff and expect Moxie Girls to just crouch down or something. Boo! *imagine me throwing myself on the floor in a tantrum* Okay going to buy doll hair and repaint stuff. I need a treat though. A dolly treat. And me wants it now! Let's see, the hair and repaint stuff is for Ms. Fear. She already has a coffee table on the way. Maybe some clot

You Might Have a Doll Problem If... are desperate to buy something with consistent 1 star ratings just because it looks fairly realistic. Case in point Moxie Girlz Magic Snow Cabin . I know the icicles fall off and the roof falls off and the magic of the magic snow is its ability to stick to everything. But I want it anyway! Look at how cute and realistic it will be if you paint it. Everyone complaining are moms who are not down with the art of customization, so what do they know anyway? I had this vague idea that my doll town was in the mountains in France somewhere. I need a chalet, do I not? I think so. But can we discuss this house? I'm in love! Look at it! Okay I hear you but look at exterior! Now this is being billed as Moxie Girlz house. But I've seen it called a Bratz House too with slightly different accessories. Leftovers from the Mattel lawsuit? Now if this is big enough for Moxies it will be fine for Barbie and FRs but if it's Bratz, that's an issue. Anyone have this house? If not

2.5 Sweet Hours of Freedom

My husband's friend was having a barbecue this weekend. There are few things in this world that I dread more than social situations. So I was delighted when my husband told me that I could avoid it and he would take both the kids to make an appearance. Sweet bountiful freedom!!! I was so psyched to get some doll work done, but what? I had to manage that time well. Two and a half hours moves quickly when you're working on doll things. So I started at nap time, sorting my "to be filed" bits of clothes and shoes that I never put in their proper home after using them. I spray painted that washer/dryer set I got recently as well as a bar I just received in an exchange.  I moved Dani's house down from the unreachable location where I had moved it. Clearing out space in the doll room is as dangerous as a big purse. You just KNOW you're going to fill it with stuff.  Anyway, Dani is the next doll (after Ms. Fear) to get attention, so I need her house close by. T

Fairytale Ending

I believe I mentioned writing a fairytale, right? And that I was building a fairy tale cottage? Yeah I'm scrapping that project for now. It's rapidly turning into a doll house project when it was just supposed to be an easy room box. And because it's made of wood, it became a wood-working project and with the kids, it's just not doable. I have so many other things to do anyway. I'll still be writing it, but building the cottage and doing the photostory is shelved for now. Also the Dolly U format is bugging me. As much as I always wanted to customize an airplane, I had no business starting that. I have no space for it and it's only going to be used for like one shot in a photostory. I'm still doing it, but really it's so silly. In fact, many Dolly U assignments are kind of useless to what I'm currently doing in doll world. So here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to focus on one doll at a time and fix up her world. For instance. Mis

When You're Away, Do Your Dolls Play?

I love Toy Story mostly because I like the idea of my toys having adventures and stuff while I'm out of the room. Sometimes I wonder when suddenly a doll falls from her perch for no reason or a gal is leaning on a boy's shoulder. Twice recently I have posed dolls (with no intent really, just to get them out of the way or change up where I've placed them in various doll homes) and when I turn around, they're doing something strange or naughty. Case in point: Mistress Ava. I'm working on Sugar's social circle now that she's a short haired punker. So I sat her with Mistress Ava and Bambi the doe-eyed bimbo (Pop Life Barbie-blonde) to assess the vibe. This is what I saw a couple of days later: Hmm, does someone have a crush? (Peep the bedding made by my mom) Then I moved another doll of the same mold. Here working name is Alishaafter the chick from Misfits . Anyone watch that show? Brilliant. Can't believe Nathan won't be on it for Series 3. But I

Big Weekend!

Happy 4th, you guys. I took an extra day off so I had four sweet days off, one of which was child-free thanks to good old grandma! WARNING, PLASTIC NUDITY! Friday brought me a massive haul. A new body, a new head (who fits none of my bodies, sigh). Also, I have an awesome doll buddy. We do doll trades. I send her old bods and she sends me very cool fun accessories. Look what I got: Sweet haul. Ms. Fear's Mom is digging the Chinese pajamas. Well, she's not going to let YOU know that. I can't wait to play with the other things. I can't wait to paint that bar and use it in one of my doll homes. I'm already using the stools. Here's what else I was up to: Felix got a new body! Dani is very happy. She finally gets to bump plastics with her fiance. I installed the kitchen shelving which are Barbie laundry room shelves turned sideways. Man, I need to brush that girl's hair. I added some art to the walls of the studio. I'm working on the back wal