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Quickie Post

Hi guys, Well, I've got some bad news.  We had a miscarriage last week. I'm still bummed out but I always make the best of a bad situation and look on the bright side. We are lucky it was early on. And it was such a surprise, we were really unprepared. We just downsized and got rid of all baby stuff.  And really, we are soooo close to the end of diapers and pull ups. It sucks to look so forward to something and have it snatched away but perhaps it was for the best, right? It's hard to get back in the doll habit once you've been out of it but it's great therapy, no? Anyway, I did some reorganizing and what not and I'm working on a few projects, so you'll see a post from me soon. I feel so rusty! I need to do some experimenting so I can get back in the swing of these projects! Anyway m'loves, I'll post something by the end of the week to let you know wuzzup in Grandville. Fear Manor is now gone (will likely return), so Miss Fear is not feel

The Giveaway! And more.

You guys, let's talk. After I set up Grandville in the new house, I was sort of bored. I liked getting everyone unpacked but I really didn't feel like telling my stories, posing dolls, finding outfits for them. I didn't know where to take this doll thing next. And since my doll break at the end of last year, I've filled up my evenings with other things, especially Facebook where I remember I'm a writer again (in short blurbs). But what I don't feel like writing, are doll stories. I was at this doll crossroads, and already donating and trading away some good stuff when I became suddenly, surprisingly aware that I was (am) pregnant! How did this happen? Well I have a few ideas. I'm 37, I had been debating whether to have another. Sometimes, I swear, I'd be sitting with the girls and think I'm hearing a 3rd kid crying in the background. So that choice was made for me I'm very happy about it (and terrified). And the choice about dolls was made