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Zolandia Cast and New Acquisitions

Hello doll people! Oh man, my friend's little girls have outgrown their Barbies so she gave me a bunch of goodies. But first, let's meet the Zolandians, shall we? The Royal Household Staff Dominique (London Calling TJ) is the Royal Secretary. She handles Princess Dani's press, advises her on political matters, arranges for her travel, prepares her speeches, etc. Mr. Bates is the butler of the castle.  Young Maura is a house maid Happy Family Grandma (Name to be determined)is the head housemaid and is the boss of the female staff. Catching Fire Katniss (Name to be determined) is Dani's Lady's maid. She manages her wardrobe, jewels and helps her to dress. The Lesser Nobles No one has been named but Franco and Veronica get to keep their names though their roles change. The men are Dani's potential suitors. Franco is involved with Veronica, but I don't think it will last. Veronica and JLo are potential ladies in waiting. (I can't wait to