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Oh Flibbertygibberts!

I want to use such profanity right now! At the precise moment on Christmas Eve I was unpacking the doll closet, where my the poor Grandvillians have languished these long months, our landlord rolled up, unannounced to tell us he's selling the place and basically we have to leave. Let me tell you, it was a somber Christmas, putting on the brave face for the kids and such. Fudge!!! So no unpacking of dolls, no reboot of projects. No doll blogging! This sucks. But let's look on the bright side. Perhaps we will find a better house, put down some roots and get in debt to the bank for the rest of our lives. If we're lucky! So my dears, it will be two months of purging a lot of junk and packing up. Sigh. I hope I'll pop in with a pic now and again. And I'm still doing a doll give away when I reach 100 followers. I'm at 96! I'll be sure to put together a giveaway doll and keep her in a safe place. Sorry for the big tease! I'll see you around the ides of

I Can't Take It Anymore

Look, crafting for the kids is fun and all but I am missing my dolls! Facebook ruining my writing style. I can only think in short blurbs. I need my dolls, my blog and mostly my awesome doll friends. And you know what, I'm still desperate for the kids to go to bed. But now, after they're in bed, I'm pacing the house wondering what else I can do but prep kiddie crafts! Corset Kitten  had it right when she told me I had to keep writing. I'm craving it desperately. So the plan is this: the week after Christmas, I'm moving the girls into one room. Then Iris's room (which was the original Barbie room) will be their classroom. (Their class room is currently in the old Barbie room/craft room). Their classroom/playroom will have lots of space and room for the ridiculous lesson plans I've been doing. Anywho, look for me near the beginning of the year. Let's make some drama again! smooches! dani